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5 Smart Ways to Increase Your House’s Value

Every homeowner will want a great return on their investment when the time comes to sell their home. However, if you want to increase its value, you might need to make some tweaks or changes to your property to make it a more appealing option for potential buyers, who will queue down the road to make you an offer.

To help you climb the property ladder with ease, here are five smart ways to increase your house’s value.

5 Smart Ways to Increase Your House's Value

1. A Loft Conversion

A loft conversion can be a sure-fire way to increase your property’s value, as it will add square footage into your home and can reportedly increase the price of a property by 20%. The additional space can create extra bedrooms, a master bedroom with an en-suite, a games room, or a large living room, which might be attractive to large families or affluent buyers.

2. Replacement Windows

Many property hunters will view double-glazing as an essential. If you currently have single glazing, installing double glazed windows could add significant value to your home’s price and will ensure your property adheres to current building regulations. However, this might not be possible if the building is either listed or within a conservation area.

3. Improve Your Kerb Appeal

Did you know that improving your property’s kerb appeal can boost the value of your home by an average of £55,000? It’s believed almost one third of British buyers would pay 25% more for:

  • A freshly painted exterior and front door
  • Clean windows
  • A well-kept garden

It might be time to give your windows a scrub, pull out your paintbrushes and develop a beautiful exterior with the help of Water-garden.co.uk. A garden can be a real selling point to a home, so invest time and care into creating an enjoyable space that will appeal to your buyers.

4. Makeover Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms within the home, which is why you could receive a great return when investing in a brand-new, attractive kitchen. However, as it will only increase your property’s value by 6%, you must avoid splashing out on an overpriced kitchen or you could spend more than you generate. For example, if you buy a kitchen that costs £20,000 for your £200,000 property, you’ll receive little return on your investment.

5. Create a Luxurious Bathroom

Property hunters want to buy a home that features a clean, luxurious bathroom that has the wow factor. To boost your home’s value, paint the walls in an attractive, neutral colour scheme and ensure the room features adequate lighting. For example, if your bathroom appears dark and dull, replace a single pendant with triple halogen spotlights, which can brighten up all corners of the room.

You also could increase your bathroom’s appeal by:

  • Installing a shower
  • Adding tiled or vinyl flooring
  • Incorporating an extractor fan
  • Hanging a mirror to increase the room’s size
  • Featuring a heated towel rail

The above elements could make a potential buyer fall in love with your property, and they might be tempted to make an offer as soon as they leave your home.