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Planning a Destination Wedding: A Guide

Are you dreaming of tying the knot in some romantic and glamorous location? Would you like to say “I do” far away from the town you grew up in? Destination weddings are proving to be very popular nowadays, and luckily, planning one is not as complicated as you might think. It is possible to have the wedding of your dreams, as long as you plan it properly. With that in mind, below are four factors to consider.

Planning a Destination Wedding - A Guide

Make Sure You do Your Research

This is the most crucial part of the planning process. Without it, you’ll find it very difficult to find the right spot. All around the world, there is a wide range of locations to choose from, but not all locations will be able to perform a same-sex wedding, for example. If you’re looking for a gay city Los Angeles is an inspiring location for a wedding. Another favourite spot at the moment is the Caribbean. Wherever you decide to hold the ceremony, make sure it’s an unforgettable destination. It could be a white sandy beach in Antigua, a luxury villa in Tuscany or stood on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Wedding Planner or Do It Yourself?

When it comes to destination weddings, you have two options: make all the arrangements yourself or use the services of a wedding planner. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it really boils down to personal choice. However, if you choose to go down the wedding planner route, make sure you communicate your desires and needs. Don’t be shy about telling them exactly what you and your partner want. It’s your day, so communicating is the only way to ensure things turn out as you want them. You will also want to capture these very special moments so have a think about elopement photography services too!

Get Married in Style

A destination wedding allows you to push the boat out if you really want to because the guest list won’t be as long as if the wedding was being held locally. With fewer guests, you’re able to spend your wedding budget on as many fancy trimmings as you want. With this type of wedding, you also get to enjoy your honeymoon as soon as the ceremony is over because you don’t have to worry about travelling. To top it all, you get to include your closest friends and family in your honeymoon celebrations as long as you remember to leave some time for just the two of you.

Celebrate in Your Own Way

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you stay true to yourself and your partner’s wishes. It’s your special day, and nobody else’s; your guests are just there to share in your celebration. You get to set the rules and decide on the order of play. If there are certain wedding traditions you’d rather not follow, then don’t be afraid to say so! Within reason, everything and anything is possible, as long as you make the right plans well in advance.

Whether you decide on an intimate celebration with just the two of you, or an elaborate ceremony with lots of guests, as long as you plan it well, you know the occasion will be a memorable one.