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Get Your Business Discovered Online

Whether you run a fitness studio, a coffee shop or a building supplies store, it is no longer enough to advertise locally with flyers and the like. In fact, it hasn’t been enough for quite some time now, and if your business is not on the internet and easily findable, chances are you are losing a lot of business to your competitors who have got the whole online thing down.

Get Your Business Discovered Online

There’s no need to panic though because although it may be more difficult to get your business discovered online than it was back in the day before Google algorithms and market saturation, it is still pretty simple if you do the right things…

Post High-Quality Content

One of the first things you will need to do, after you set up a website and social media accounts, if you haven’t already, is to create high-quality content and post it on a regular basis. You should start with the written word, blogging or creating articles about your chosen business niche to ensure that your business can be found via keywords. However, you shouldn’t stop there; creating infographics, videos and other forms of media such as podcasts is also a good way of grabbing attention and ensuring that online traffic flows your way.

Of course, it isn’t enough to create any old content. The stuff you post needs to be good. It should be authoritative, engaging, search engine optimised and imminently shareable. If it isn’t any of these things, it is unlikely to be effective and you will have wasted a lot of time, and potentially money, in the process.

Post on Other Sites

Populating your own website and social media profiles is really important if you want your business to be discovered online, but you shouldn’t focus your efforts solely on them. Guest-blogging and posting on other websites that allow for user-generated content, such as Quora and Medium, is a great way to pick up extra interest. Sites like these have a lot of traffic and if you post quality content on them, it will help to boost the status of your own website, and hopefully bring in a few more customers. You will need to guest post regularly if you want to get anywhere, but it is well worth the effort to do so.

Use Paid Ads

A good way of reaching the right target demographic for your business is to use paid for ads. Facebook ads are a particularly good choice because so many people use the platform and they are reasonably priced. Not only that, but you get a lot of information about the audience’s likes and dislikes, location, age etc., so you can really target the right people and not end up wasting your money marketing to people who are unlikely to be interested in what you are selling.

You may need to experiment a little with your ads to see what works best, but once you have that all figured out, you should start to see results.

Engage Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers are people who have a lot of followers on that particular social media platform. They are highly visible and they have a lot of sway over their followers. If you can convince them to promote your business, and you choose an influencer who is heavily involved in your niche, you could gain a lot of visibility, and a lot more sales, overnight. Obviously, they won’t help you out for free, but if you choose right, it will be money well spent.

Use Hashtags

Trending Instagram hashtags are great for increasing visibility because they are free and they can be very effective as people who search them will be looking for something very specific. So, if, for example, you run a yoga studio, use popular yoga hashtags in your posts to get traffic and you might be surprised by how effective they are. You’ll need to research the most used hashtags in your niche to get this right, but that needn’t take too long.  

Solve Problems

One technique that many companies overlook in their efforts to gain visibility online is problem-solving for their customers. A lot of the time, when people are online they are Googling for answers to their problems, and if you can provide them, you can get a lot of traffic. So, take the time to create how to texts or even better, Youtube video tutorials showing people how to do a certain thing in your niche and see your traffic rise.

The more visible you are, the more sales you will make, so do everything you can to get discovered online.