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Protecting Your Garden Against Heavy Rain

Rain is essential for helping your garden to thrive, however too much of it can have the opposite effect and cause serious damage. Here are just a few ways in which you can protect your garden against heavy rain.

Protecting Your Garden Against Heavy Rain

Direct water to a soakaway

Too much water could cause your lawn and plant beds to become waterlogged. One way to avoid this is to create a drainage system that encourages rainwater to flow towards a certain point of your garden. You should then install a soakaway at this point – this is a deep hole in the ground into which rain water collects and then soaks into the earth away from the surface. You can buy tools for building a soakaway through companies such as Build Plumb Plastics.

Opt for raised beds

You may also be able to prevent waterlogging by opting for raised beds. These beds offer increased drainage making them great for protecting your plants against heavy rain. Raised beds also stay warmer in cool weather, helping your plants to fend off frost. You can buy made to measure raised beds online such as these WoodBlocX raised beds.

Grow plants in a greenhouse

Greenhouses can offer protection against all the elements. They’re excellent investments for keen gardeners wanting to grow vegetables or high maintenance plants. Greenhouses come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Some of the most advanced greenhouses such as these Cultivar greenhouses are able to offer automatic climate control. Cheaper greenhouses are likely to be flimsier and may offer a lot less ventilation.

Take measures to deter slugs and snails

The wet weather also encourages pests such as slugs and snails to emerge from the soil. This can be bad news for your plants if you don’t take protective measures to fend off these pests. Whilst you can use pesticides, there are more humane and organic ways of deterring slugs and snails. Sprinkling sand, coffee grounds or sawdust onto your beds directly after a shower can sometimes out off these pests from reaching your plants. Beer traps meanwhile are another option – this involves luring slugs and snails into a container filled with a small amount of beer and then disposing of the creepy crawlies once they’ve crawled into the container.

Choose weatherproof furniture

Your plants aren’t the only aspect of your garden that you should consider when it comes to protecting your garden against the rain. Choosing weatherproof garden furniture could also be important for helping your garden to look its best. Some materials can decay when left out in the rain. For example, cast iron can often corrode, whilst untreated wood may rot in the rain. You’re best opting for woods and metals that have been treated. Synthetic materials could be an alternative option worth considering. You can find weatherproof garden furniture at companies such as Hayes Garden World.