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How Does Changing Schools Affect Your Kids

There are lots of reasons why a child might have to change schools; for example, if a parent gets a new job and has to relocate, or maybe they’re moving from primary to secondary. Although the change might be completely valid and unavoidable, it’s important that parents handle the situation with care because it may affect the child. In fact, I have teamed up with an independent school in Hertfordshire to get a better understanding of how changing schools can affect your kids.

Firstly, your child will have to adapt to a new style of teaching and perhaps even a new curriculum. They might be ahead or behind the new class, which will affect them academically. However, the other students in the class will also have to adapt to having a new student, as it can be quite disruptive to the dynamic of the classroom. This may set your child back a little in terms of their learning progress, so be sure to support the transition and help them if they’re struggling with a particular subject. 

It can be quite traumatic for children to leave behind all of their friends and be thrown into an environment where they don’t know anyone. Shy children tend to find it harder and more distressing to establish new friendships. It’s important to talk to your child about making new friends and assure them that they can still stay in contact with their old ones.

You may notice signs of anxiety in your child if they’re moving schools. Parents should try to remain positive and encouraging about the situation to put the child at ease. Try to involve them in the decision making process when choosing anew school for them. You could look through the prospectus together and familiarise yourselves with the school. This will spark excitement, rather than fear.