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Simple Home Improvements to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Whether you want to sell your home soon, generally increase its value, or simply want to make it as beautiful as possible, boosting your curb appeal goes a long way. You know it when you see it – a house with a nice design, everything in harmony, clean and welcoming. A house with good curb appeal gives a fantastic first impression, it makes you see it as a home immediately.

With good curb appeal, your neighbours, any family or friends that come to visit, and especially potential buyers, will appreciate your home much more. So, if you want to maximize it, you can read the tips we have set out below.

Clean things up

The first, and perhaps most obvious, thing you should do is clean the place up. Any old lawn furniture, tires, vehicles, dead bushes…any and all kinds of junk has got to go, as soon as possible. It makes you seem lazy, and it makes the house seem semi-abandoned. These are serious eyesores that you should get rid of quickly. Lose as much clutter as possible, as quickly as possible.

Next, you want to get your porch, walkway, runways, and steps as clean as possible. These leave a serious, real first-impression, and fixing them up will do wonders to improve your house’s curb appeal. Pull any weeds out your walkways, fix up any cracks you see. 

Fix up your doors

Anyone who wants to visit has to get in somehow, right? So unless you want them to crawl through your windows, your guests are going to walk in through your front door. This also means that this is the first impression you’re gonna make. If the first thing they see is a rundown, poorly painted door, they won’t be thrilled. 

Try to wash your door, repaint it, or get a new finish. On the other hand, you may simply need to replace it if it’s in bad shape. Fortunately, this does not have to be a difficult task, and you can find plenty of guides online that can help you to install a front door. You’ll need to find a supplier before learning how to do this, however. Plus, it’s not just the door itself you need to consider – the door hardware may need replacing too if polishing with metal polish isn’t enough. If replacing the door is the only answer, you may want to look at Renewal by Andersen entry doors as an option. Built with energy efficiency and security in mind, a lifetime guarantee, and in a range of materials, this could be the solution for you. However, be thorough, don’t forget about your kick plate, and your doormat as well!

While we’re on the topic of doors, try to work on your garage door as well. Since it’s such these make such a large visual part of your home, they really influence curb appeal. You want to keep it in tip-top shape, just like your front door. So, fix it up a little, refinish it, or even have it repaired and replaced. If you live in the Clayton area there are many professionals that would be happy to assess your garage door. Speaking to a professional can help you create a safer more secure home which will help in increasing the value of your property. You should never try to repair your garage door alone. Contact a professional company, like Active Garage Doors for example, and have it fixed up. Garage door springs are very powerful, and very dangerous. While you’re at it, upgrading it can also do wonders for the value of your home.

Add some aesthetic flourishes

Decorate your home as much as you can, add a touch of class and beauty. So, for the porch, think of adding a nice porchlight, or a beautiful doorknocker. Indeed, investing in high-resolution, high-quality lighting everywhere around your home. Set up a nice birdbath, or a garden sculpture around your home as well. See if you can install a pond near your home, maybe fill it up with fish, and add some extra decorations.

Take care of your yard

Finally, fix up your yard. A big part of your front yard is your lawn. Know, then, that the state your lawn is in can really influence the appeal of your home. So, mow it regularly, rake, edge, whatever you have to do to make it look beautiful. Get rid of any weeds that may have shown up, and keep the lawn watered and fertilized. If the area where you live in faces serious drought issues, you really should try out some drought-tolerant landscaping.

Plant some shrubbery or trees that are green all year long. Seasonal flowers also really make your front yard pop. Hide your home’s foundation with azaleas, hydrangeas, basically any large-leafed flowers. If you can’t set up a proper garden, try some pots and containers and place them around your frontporch. As long as you get some green and other colours to the front area of your home.

Container gardening is also something that is guaranteed to make your garden more appealing!


Improving your home’s curb appeal can do wonders for not only its beauty, but its appeal and value. Remember – first impressions matter, and the first thing they see Is the front of your home. So, work on your front yard. Remove all the clutter and pointless objects. Maintain your lawn and plant some nice flowers. Fix up your front door, or replace it if you need to, and then do the same for your garage door. Get some extra decorations if you have space, and think about how your lighting is set up. If you take all the above into account, you will truly maximize the curb appeal of your house.