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5 Ways To Say Goodbye To Career Frustration

There’s nothing more frustrating and soul-crushingly demeaning than getting up in the morning and regarding the day to come with a sense of dread, anger and frustration. Yet, for many of us, feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied and frustrated in our job and career are daily realities which can slowly but significantly erode our quality of life. It can feel as though you’re marking down precious moments of your life to get to a weekend that comes and goes all-too soon and your Sunday afternoons are soured by a flood of apprehension about the coming Monday.

The bad news is that this situation probably isn’t going to rectify itself. The good news, however, is that whatever your job, your position and your circumstances, there are always ways in which you can rectify career frustration.

Talk to your boss

This is one of the easiest steps to take in rectifying your negative feelings towards your job. Nonetheless, it’s one which people are reticent to take for a variety of reasons. They may fear that their boss will fire or sanction them if they voice dissatisfaction or frustration or work, or that their boss might at least harbour some resentment towards them which could impinge on their career prospects.

However, it’s worth remembering that happier workers are more productive workers. If your boss can do something to make you more satisfied and more productive at work, they’ll likely do so if only because it’s in their best interests.

Keep in mind that management types like to hear solutions rather than problems. Rather than visit their office to complain about something or someone that’s getting you down, supplement your grievances with some ideas which could potentially resolve your issues.

Find opportunities for remote working

Very often we can be frustrated or upset at work not because of what we do necessarily, but because of the working environment itself. Workplaces can become toxic when there are feelings of animosity between members of your team, when politics impinge on professionalism or when the building just plain doesn’t get enough natural light.

 If it’s your workplace rather than your work that’s getting you down, your employer may be amenable to allowing you to work remotely. Many businesses have begun to embrace remote working as it tends to result in increased employee productivity while also reducing their overhead costs.

And if your employee isn’t on board with remote working, maybe you’d benefit from finding another employer who will. There are lots of great remote working jobs out there!

Get new skills and qualifications through online learning

Perhaps a change in job or even a change in career could provide a clearer path to career happiness. Gaining new skills and qualifications are a great way to smash the glass ceiling over your career and allow you to pursue more lucrative and rewarding options or even starting your own business. 

Maybe it’s time to finally invest in that business management distance learning course you’ve been thinking about for so long? Online learning is a great way to get the qualifications and knowledge you need without needing to take the plunge into full time campus based learning. Thus, you can enjoy all of the benefits with none of the financial disruption that you’d incur if you took time out of your job to gain new quals.

Start a side hustle

Your free time is both limited and precious. Yet, as tempting as it may be to collapse onto the sofa and binge episodes of Game of Thrones after a hard day’s work, if you’re tired of being frustrated and limited at work maybe you should dedicate your free time to a side hustle? Not only can this be a lucrative revenue stream to supplement your day wage, it can even allow you to make the transition to full time entrepreneurship.

When choosing a side hustle, it’s important to choose something you love and are passionate about. It’s passion that will propel you onward no matter how tired you get and how difficult the balancing act between your day job and side hustle can be. If you’re just doing something else you hate for more money, it can create way more problems than it solves. 

Take steps to enrich your life at work

Finally, if none of the above are available to you, it’s up to you to take steps to make life at work more enjoyable. Spend your lunch breaks relaxing in your favourite cafe rather than a dimly lit break room. Listen to some upbeat music or a fascinating podcast on your commute to work. Read a gripping page turner somewhere quiet and leafy in your coffee break. Try and strike up a friendship with someone in a different department. 

Even the grimmest jobs can be enriched when you approach them with the right attitude!