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Long Bus Trip? How Not to Get Bored

If you’re riding a bus a long way, you have a lot to be thankful for. It wasn’t long ago that busses were much more crowded and far less comfortable than they are today. However, that doesn’t mean that sitting in a single seat for hours is easy.

If you’re facing a long bus trip, you might wonder how to stay entertained. Fortunately, you have a lot of options, whether you are travelling with friends or alone!

Here’s what you need to know about not getting bored on a long bus trip.

Consider an Overnight Bus

If you have to travel many hours to your destination, you might like taking an overnight bus. You won’t be able to see any scenery, but you can sleep during the trip. You won’t notice the hours that pass, and you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to go when you arrive at your destination!

An overnight bus can also be a good option because other riders will probably be sleeping as well. You won’t likely get stuck next to someone who wants to talk the whole time, so even if you just relax and listen to music you may enjoy the trip a lot more than a daytime ride.

Pack Some Food and Drinks

Pay attention to bus policies on alcohol, but be sure to pack yourself some food and drinks for the trip. The bus may stop to refuel and allow folks to buy what they want, but it can get expensive to buy items on the road.

Think about it – you could pack the same chips you might buy at a gas station and get an entire large bag for the price you’d pay for a small snack. You can also pack trail mix, cheese, nuts, sandwiches, and more at a significant savings.

You can afford to take a variety of bus tours from Toronto by saving money on these expenses!

Bring a Device That Connects to Wi-Fi

Many busses today offer Wi-Fi, so be sure to take advantage of it! It’s hard to be bored even on a long bus trip when you have access to e-books, social media, online games, movies, and much more. Just don’t forget to bring your charger! 

You can also bring a laptop computer and use the bus ride as a great opportunity to work or write. With a connection to the internet, you’ll be able to access email and do research easily. Of course, if the Wi-Fi isn’t the best, you could download some podcasts or maybe watch some videos using a youtube mp4 converter, so WiFi isn’t an issue. 

Bring a Notebook and Pencils

Whether you want to write, draw, or colour, a notebook and pencils can be exactly what you need. You can journal about life, doodle, or even write a letter to a friend.

A backpack is a great way to carry your notebooks and pencils without scattering them everywhere. You can simply have a pencil box in your bag and get out what you need at any given time.

Pack a Book

You can bring an e-book or a regular book, but either way being immersed in a fun fictional world (or a non-fictional one) can be a great way to pass the time. Many of us rarely read for pleasure because we simply don’t have time.

A long bus trip could be just the time you’ve been looking for to finally dig into that novel, personal development book, or biography that you’ve been dying to read.

If you think you might struggle with motion sickness, consider a motion sickness medicine or patch before you go. It can be a lifesaver!

Play Fun Road Games

Road trip games aren’t just fun in the car, they can be great on a bus as well. If you’re travelling with friends, ask them to join in as well! Just be sure you aren’t disturbing the other passengers.

One favourite that can be played alone or with others is the license plate game. Try to find a plate from each of Canada’s provinces or even plates from U.S. states. You can also work on finding plates of various colours or finding the entire alphabet and numbers 0 – 9 on plates.

Simply write down each find on a piece of paper and keep going until you’ve found them all!

You can also play various alphabet games, with others or by yourself. Come up with an animal that starts with each letter A – Z, and do the same with foods, plant, flowers, and any other category you can think of.

A long bus trip doesn’t have to be hours of boredom until you arrive at your destination. With these tips, you’ll have a great time the entire ride!

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