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Encouraging a Good School Routine

The morning routine can be tough for parents, especially if there’s more than one child. When we’re half asleep, it’s difficult enough sorting ourselves out, let alone the kids as well. However, the key to a care free school run starts with an organised routine that everyone’s on board with. That’s easier said than done, I hear you say, but with these helpful tips from Wetherby Pembridge School you’ll be sure to avoid extra stress in the mornings.

One way to ensure the morning will be harmonious is getting prepared the night before. Get your child to go through their timetable and pack the relevant books and other equipment into their school bag. Not only will this ensure organisation, it will also help teach your little one the importance of responsibility and time management. This stage should also involve making sure all homework has been completed and laying out clothes, socks and undies, so no-one is chaotically searching for things in the morning. 

As a parent, you should always lead by example. With that said, you should also make sure you prepare for the following day the night before. This involves making the packed lunches and planning breakfast in advance. You should also pack your own bag (if you have one) so that you can focus on getting your children ready in the morning rather than worrying about your own belongings. 

Make sure you all get up nice and early. Consider how much time you reasonably need to get yourself and everyone else fed and dressed, and then add an extra half an hour or so. This will ensure you have more than enough time without any rushing or panicking. What’s more, extra time in the morning will allow your child to learn how to get dressed independently without your help; if you’re pressed for time, you’re more likely to help them with their shoe laces or their buttons, which will hinder their learning. 

Overall, organisation is of the utmost important. Preparing in advance and allowing plenty of time should help you avoid any last minute chaos in the morning and ensure everyone is ready and in the car on time.