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How to make homework more fun

In a lot of homes the word homework can have negative connotations and lead your children to dread it! However as we all know it is an essential part of school life and needs to be done whether our children like it or not. So how can we make it more fun and maybe even something to look forward to at the end of the day? Manor Lodge School, a prep school in Hertfordshire have put together the following list of ideas for us to try at homework time. Let us know if any of them work for you!

Take Part

Children of any age love to have one on one time with their parent/s and would benefit greatly from you sitting with them at homework time and working together. Not only will you get to spend some quality time and help your children with their school work you will also have more of an insight to what they are learning at school. 

Don’t take it so seriously! 

Some subjects require more concentration than others however there should never be a need for complete silence and strict rules when it comes to homework time. Loosen up a bit and allow some laughter! This will help children to have positive connotations to homework and study time. 

Invite a friend

To help make their homework more enjoyable you could invite one of their friends from school over to study for the next round of exams. Introduce competitions or races to keep them motivated and reward them afterwards for good work. 

Take it away from the desk

Not all homework and studying needs to be done while sat at a desk and reading from books. Try visiting museums, planning trips to historical places or taking a walk through your local woods to learn about the wildlife.