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Everything you need to know about single motherhood by choice

Being a parent is one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences any person will face within their lifetime! Many people choose to become parents from a young age but many people also decide to have a child once they are older.

More often during the modern age we live in, people will pursue a career before deciding to settle down and have children. But women that leave it until later in life to have children may face fertility issues.

However there are ways around this so older women that have always dreamt of having a child can still do so! And if you’ve not found a partner to share your life with but still dream of motherhood, there are options for you!

Maternity With Donor Eggs

The chances of having a fully healthy child are increased massively with donor eggs. This technique is safe and efficient and it maximises the chances of becoming pregnant.

This technique shows that even if you are at a later stage in your life, anything is possible! So if you are wondering how to become a solo mum or looking to create life with a new partner, IVF with donor eggs may be the way to go!

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One of the Most Effective Techniques

IVF with donor eggs is the most effective techniques amongst assisted reproduction treatments. The chances of becoming pregnant are the same as those of a mother under the age of 35.

The process consists of two parallel treatments, one for the recipient and one for the donor. Firstly, the donor undergoes treatment to retrieve the eggs and then the recipient undergoes a treatment so she is able to receive the eggs.

So if your looking to become a mother but are at a later stage in life, I’d recommend exploring this option further!