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Skateboard vs Longboard: Everything You Need To Know

You use an electric longboard and your peer uses the motorized skateboard and it makes you think the difference between skateboarding and longboarding. As friends, you may even debate and want to know more facts about this.

Well, if you do not have much experience then you will find both of them quite similar, but they are not. The two forms of sidewalk surfing are distinct and which one is better out of these is another question.

You should know the main differences and advantages of both the boards to select the best one of them.

Let’s look at some history:

The first skateboards which were introduced are quite different from what they are today. Over the years the shape and functions have been perfected. Longboarding was introduced quite late and gained popularity in recent times.

Skateboards were never able to create the surfing sensation and it is because the design of the skateboard was not near to that of the actual surfboard. In the year 1990 longboarding culture was embraced. In this era, snowboarders started to get a real feel of the surf on the land.

They were the people who used to put the roller skate wheels on their boards and started shaping their longboards. They wanted to keep the original shape of a surfboard and just added more flexibility to it by attaching soft wheels, to create the feeling of riding on the waves.

In the ’90s there was a change in the truck technology as well and boards were more stable because of the reverse kingpins. The longest longboards were quite short than the actual surfboards, but still, the design was identical. Slowly, longboards came in popularity because of their versatility in terms of size and shape and they could be used on different terrains.

Let’s look at some differences:


Longboards are 35 to 60 inches long and the width is 9 to 10 inches. Compared to the best skateboard, you will find a skateboard is about 28 to 34 inches long and width is 7 to 10 inches. Begin with a longboard can be easier to balance on.


Whether it is a small electric skateboard or an affordable electric skateboard, both are curving upwards at both ends. They make it easier to perform tricks like kickflips and ollies. They assembled with the motorized feature along with speed controller, and have weight sensor controls and with the handheld throttle. Longboards come in different shapes like flat nose, boards, and pintails. They are shaped like a longer shortboard. Longboards do not curve at each end, but there are two narrow strips at each end. It becomes easier to balance on and easier to cruise on.

Shortboard trucks are designed for handling the grinding on rails, benches, and curbs whereas longboards are loose and though it doesn’t allow you to perform a lot of tricks and it makes turning quite simple.


Longboards have big wheels than the shortboards and they can go very fast, absorb all the cracks, sticks, pebbles, etc. which might be on the way. Shortboards have small wheels to maintain a steady speed. Smaller wheels can help you do the tricks, but if there are obstacles on the way then these can be thrown off easily.

Longboards have looser trucks that are soft and have bigger wheels. The board offers good flexibility which makes it easy for the user to ride comfortably. Let you take big and tight turns easily. The large wheels will allow you to ride over the cracks and you will find it perfect to ride on from point A to point B to speed down hills. Though longboards can be heavy and big and it is a liability to carry them around.

Skateboard will let you do tricks and the wheels, curved ends; small length will help you to do it easily. Pair up with good skateboard shoes to perform the tricks. It will keep you comfortable throughout. Wearing other safety gears will aloes be easy. Skateboards are small in size, convenient and easy to carry around.

So, all these differences may help you to choose better skateboard according to your requirement.