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Special About Epiphone Guitars

Perhaps you are buying your first electric guitar or looking to upgrade one with some guitar parts. Here’s how we can help.

 First of all, if you are a newbie you need to know the details of electric guitars. There are a lot of options to choose from as per your plan and budget. However, understanding which one is the best option is something you need to be more interested in.

So let’s start…

You must be aware of the most common terms like the fretboard, neck, bridge, and pickups. However, this is not enough to go for the right choice. You need to understand the more intricate mechanisms to get the best deal and a good bargain for yourself.

For example, let’s talk about the pickups of an electric guitar.

Single coil pickups or humbuckers.

Single coil pickups started appearing in the 1930s. They have what musicians call a crisper tone. They seem to work fine in eliminating the hum to a certain extent, but many fail in doing so if they leave the amp volume knobs turned up.

Humbuckers have two electromagnetic coils that are more effective in reducing the hum. Each coil picks up the electromagnetic interference caused by the other coil and reduces the hum to a large extent. Humbuckers also have a warmer tone compared to single coil pickups. Humbuckers are the most preferred ones.

Wax potted pickups or non wax potted pickups.

Guitar pickups have a very simple design. They have a coil of copper wire enveloped around a magnetic component grasped together by a bobbin. Pickup coils vibrate at a high volume level despite being wrapped really tight around the magnet and it is this noise that has an effect on the tonal quality. So the pickups are potted to avoid such vibrations and to keep the tonal quality at an optimum. Hence wax potted pickups are the more feasible ones. 

Let’s dive a little deep in understanding this. There are many types of humbucker bobbins like Polycarbonate, Butyrate, Glass Fiberfill Nylon and ABS just to name a few. One may say what difference does it make because they are all from the plastic family which does not interfere with the sound produced as it is inert and has no magnetic properties. But the Pro’s know the difference.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are various guitar parts you need to understand along with the technical aspects to electric guitars. If you want to get the best one without wasting time on understanding these technical aspects, you should definitely go for something great like the Epiphone. Also, if you are looking to upgrade you need to go for genuine Epiphone parts.

But what’s so special about Epiphone? 

The great Les Paul once said, ” I may be a Gibson man but have always been an Epiphone man”. With that said, you could only imagine the quality of Epiphone guitars that compelled him to say such words.

When it’s about making a choice to buy the best electric guitar or even upgrading your guitar, Epiphone is the right choice. They have made every year continuously a better and better value. From tuners to fretboards, from headstocks to bridges, Epiphone is the name you can trust. For those of you who are looking to buy a guitar, the Epiphone guitar is the right choice whereas for people who are looking to upgrade their guitar can contact legitimate companies online who sell genuine parts for Epiphone guitars.

Get in touch with them if you are looking to buy a new guitar. Getting the best guitar will make your playing experience joyful and will certainly mesmerize your audience. You can also choose to upgrade your old guitar. You will surely find the best deal at the best price. If you’re searching for high-quality guitar pedals Australia, Music Spot offers a diverse selection to enhance your musical experience.