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How To Pick The Best Red Wine That’ll Suit Your Taste

What is the, for the most part, best red wine? For sure, you have, more often than not, ask yourself this kind of question a couple of times before. However, how do you form that judgment call?

Do you scan the labels for the bottles that seem prestigious or familiar? Or do you prefer to talk to your local wine clerk? But take note that the problem or trouble with wine commendation is that they are usually very subjective.

Keep in mind that what works for one person will not automatically work for another person. Thus, leaving you with a complicated dilemma. For a little help, here are some ways you can look for a red wine that goes well with your preferences.

How To Pick The Best Red Wine That’ll Suit Your Taste

What Makes A Great Red Wine

An excellent red wine, without a doubt, relies upon an individual’s personal taste. To select or pick the best red wine for your palate, it is crucial that you explore and try out as plenty of red wine varietals as possible.

Keep in mind that red wine tastes, for the most part, different from the whites in a couple of ways. Red wines have different flavor profile, heavier body, higher levels of alcohol, higher levels of tannin, and potentially increased complexity.

All of these traits and characteristics come from the process of fermentation. This process is where the skins of the grapes are left, more often than not, in the tank plus the juice. Bottle and barrel aging play a large part as well, with a more, believe it or not, aerobic style of winemaking, reshaping the way a wine ages.

It is the essence or essential characteristics of these methods and the quality of the grape that has, for the most part, the most significant effect on the character and flavor of the wine.

Determining Your Sweet Spot

Just because a wine is well-aged or vintage, does not mean you have to like it or enjoy it. Aging flavors and aromas are gained taste, much like mature cheeses and truffles. With that said, for those people who are probably new to wine tasting, it is best to have a lot of options and get bold or daring with your choices. As a start, we suggest you begin with the following grape varietals to gain a sense of what you genuinely like. You may even start by looking at the variety of wine tours available so you can figure this out!


If you want a red wine with a high level of alcohol, then Zinfandel is for you. Of course, nearly all red wines have high levels of alcohol, but Zinfandel has the highest out of all of them. A great bottle of this wine is at least fifteen percent ABV (alcohol by volume), which is the upper part of the scale.

Zinfandel’s high alcohol content causes it to feel full and bold, or in a nutshell, more intense. High levels of alcohol originate from a huge amount of sugar in the process of fermentation, which the yeast turns into ethanol. You can, for the most part, taste the sweetness in this red wine through its fruity, ripe flavor. Other high-alcohol red wines are Madeira and Shiraz.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a, for the most part, a well-known tannic red wine, leaving you with a feeling of dryness when you drink it. It is a popular red wine because of its spicy, rich flavors and an excellent pairing with red meat. Other tannic red wines are Rioja, Chianti, and Sokolin Red wines, which consist of similar traits.


One of the important characteristics of a wine is the body. For the most part, red wine has a heavier body compared to white wines because of their amalgam. However, each wine differs according to where it came from. Syrah is a great example of a full-bodied red wine. In a Syrah wine, you can taste dark flavors like tobacco, chocolate, and plum.

Pinot Noir

When it comes to acidity, Pinot Noir is the best in this area. If you love Pinot Noir, then you will also enjoy other acidic red wines, for example, Grenache. When tasting this wine for the first time, you will feel a ruffling sensation in your mouth, much like drinking a bubbly and sparkling drink. An excellent bottle of Pinot Noir has the perfect balance of acidity and tannins to compliment the ripe, fruity flavor of the wine.


Quality is yet another factor defining a great red wine. Sure, you can drink all the wine you want, but if it is made poorly, you will not surely enjoy and like the experience. But, we are not saying that you need to spend lots of money when choosing a wine. Believe it or not, you do need to. You just need to look for balance, intensity, and complexity. With these factors, you can surely find the perfect red wine that will suit your taste without breaking the bank.