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Top Educative Activities for Kids

Educative activities are a great way to help children’s development bloom—all while encouraging them to develop a passion and a hobby that could stick with them for the rest of their lives. There are many different educational activities available for children, and some of them stand out more than others in terms of offering significant benefits to their development, social skills and more. Let’s take a closer look atthe top educative activities for kids that you should be encouraging in your children.


Chess for kids is one of the best ways to foster mental and social growth in children. Chess provides significant benefits to your child’s development, including improved concentration, improved problem solving skills, improved creative thinking and even a higher IQ. There are many chess sets available that are perfect for first-time younger players, so take a look at a chess specialty shop for a basic set to get started. 

Playing an instrument

Playing a musical instrument provides a wealth of benefits for your child, including improved concentration skills, improved memory, and a vast increase in creative thinking. There are many instruments that are perfect for younger players, including flutes, clarinet, drums, and more. When your children get older, they may be able to participate in a band class in school, furthering fostering their hobby.

Lego/Model Building

Lego or model building with similar blocks is a great way to encourage your children to develop spatial awareness, improved creative thinking and significant problem solving skills. Children who learn how to build models from Legos or similar blocks are capable of better problem solving than children who don’t, so if you’d like to help your children learn how to tackle problems from multiple angles (a skill which will certainly help them in school and life!) consider this educative activity.

Rock/Nature Collecting

Starting a nature-based collection such a rock collection or leaf collection is both a way to get children interested in the world around them and encourage the development of critical thinking skills. This type of collecting requires children to memorize distinct scientific characteristics of natural objects, which improves their overall ability to think critically, memorize better, and have a better grasp of natural sciences. This educative activity is perfect for slightly older children who are learning about science related materials in schools.


Painting is often one of the first educative activities that children become interested in, and for a good reason: it’s plain fun! Painting is about more than having fun, though. Studies have shown that children who regularly paint have improved creative thinking skills, better concentration, and even stress relief. For younger kids, finger paints and washable paints are best; as children get older, consider purchasing painting sets and even easels to foster the hobby even more.

Remember: Educative activities are a way to help your children develop essential mental and social skills. Introducing your children to an educative activity such as chess for kids at an early age will benefit them significantly later on in life.