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6 Outdoor Lighting Improvement For Your Home!

When the sun goes down, the lights go on!

Lighting the exterior of your house gives you a sense of pride. It emphasizes the beauty of architecture and construction.

Lights are of various shapes and sizes. Different lighting suits different places. You can mount them on walls, suspend them or place them on poles and ground.

Your art lies in choosing the best one by making some practical considerations. For example, some lights might need to be wired to your home’s electrical circuit, which you would want professionals like breezeairandheat.com to do. Others can use solar power to charge batteries, so you would want to place them in sunny areas.


Uplighting the statues, the garden has an eerie and dramatic effect. Trees with flawless bark work well with uplighting. Uplighting works perfectly with the architecture too. Place up lights on both sides of the window. 

Stick a powerful spotlight in the base of trees so that light spreads out on the canopy and creates a magical effect. Pruning trees once or twice in a year is a necessity. Otherwise, the light gets scattered. 

Lower voltage lamps with dimmers are perfect for uplighting. It limits the usage of light. Don’t add competing lights in the proximity. It will cancel out the effects of uplighting. 

2. Lighting the water

Water and light are a splendid combination. Lighting shines well on moving water. You can place accent lights on the bottom of a fountain or any other moving water source. For Custom Lighting Installation such as this, you may want to look for assistance from a qualified electrician to ensure precise and safe electrical installation.

Accent lights perceive the depth and shadow. It is used in pools as well.

In-depth, calm colors like blue sparkles better. Use incandescent, LED or Fiber optic lights to light the pool. 

LED lights are cost-effective and long-lasting. 

3. Rope lights  and Post lights

Rope lights around pillars and trees glow in the dark. It gives a festive celebrating atmosphere and keeps you vibrant.

Fix more lights on yards. Show off your yards with the lighting. Prefer colour changing rope lights. 

Lighting is primarily for safety and security purposes. So, illuminate the driveways and walkways well. Light posts and spotlights outside the entrance fulfill this purpose. Lights on top of railways and posts give a 360-degree coverage. Post lights are more versatile. You can place them anywhere in your yard. Pier mounted lights on a flat surface are useful for the same. The post and pier mount lights have low voltage usage and durable. 

A combination of the motion sensor and timed lights gives the best coverage along with the magnificent glimpse. It lights up only when there is a movement encountered around the radius and, is thus energy saving.

Lighting the stairs prevents from tripping down and, prevents any possible chances of bruises. Completely concealed step lighting has a hovering effect.

4.Lantern effect and Layered lighting

The lantern effect enhances the glow and highlights the structure. The lantern effect looks attractive in pools.

Layered lighting enhances the appearance of pathways. It has a natural effect and enlarges the perception of interiors. It is the fusion of spot, path, and floodlights. Fluctuate the intensities of the lights to highlight specific features. Install different colour lights. It creates a scintillating effect. 

The chandelier provides ambient lighting. The accent lighting further focuses the attention on the attractive interiors. Table lamps and outdoor lamps serve this purpose.

In summers, the solar lamps reduce energy consumption. Dusk to Dawn lights switch on automatically and are energy saving. Wall washer lights can also be used in the outdoors. It creates a glowing backdrop.

5. Make effortless DIY lights

DIY string lights are pretty simple.

  • Add water to concrete and mix it slowly
  • Mix until you attain an oatmeal consistency.
  • Take a small plastic tub and line the bottom with any recycled bag.
  • Spray oil and scoop in concrete.
  • Insert dowel.
  • Tap out any air bubbles and dry it overnight.
  • Remove the tub later and add hooks to the dowel.
  • Place it somewhere and add lights.
  • Elevate the center stand to create a canopy effect.

You can also try making wine bottle torches, homemade wrapped balloon lampshade, diamond-shaped roof hanging lamps, newspaper lights, cotton ball lights, etc. You can use recycled items like plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic bags, and old unused jars to make these DIYs. 

6. Landscape lighting and fire lighting

Standard voltage lighting gives better illumination. Low voltage lighting has a temperamental effect. Small lights placed in the enormous landscape brings a fantastic upshot. Landscape lighting is based mainly on using your properties to the fullest extent. In summers, prefer solar lamps. Try to hide the lights and just show their effects. 

For this, you can secure downlights from trees. 

Fire lighting is omnipresent. Lower the smoke fire with screens to prevent the winds. It is the perfect sit out during winter and provides a gathering space. It is the best utility of the external space.

Ceiling and hanging lights fit in porch. Generally, landscape lighting has low voltage lights. Areas exposed to rain accommodates the wet location lights and covered areas fit in with the damp location lights.


Lighting enhances the design elements and calls attention to the architecture. It also reinforces the complexities. So, position outdoor lights for better ambiance. Accent lights are space saving and also used for safety. Soft post lights bestow an atmospheric glaze. Also, try color (+) temperature lighting. Experiment using flashlights in the dark beforehand.

Wall washing and hue lighting also assure a mystic surrounding.

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