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Transitioning from Work to Family Life

As a working dad, I’m always on the go and don’t get much time to relax at the best of times. On a normal day, myself, my wife and our 3 kids all wake up at 6am to have breakfast and then we get them ready for school.

I usually leave for work between 7.30am and 7.45am once the kids are ready. I work for a digital marketing company in Lichfield (West Midlands) so my days are full of client meetings and calls so it’s always full on!

The company I work for is absolutely brilliant because they are real advocates for work/life balance. One thing that’s in place is flexible working so the fact that I get into work at roughly 8am, means I can leave at 4pm once I’ve done my hours for the day! For me this is great because I get a good 3 hours with our kids before we put them to bed.

When I get home, myself or my wife will cook dinner for us and the kids and we then usually chill out by putting a family film on until bed time. Our youngest two, Archie and Evie go to bed at 7 while Maisie, our eldest, then goes to bed at 7.30pm.

And Relax ….

Once the kids are in bed, that’s my time to relax and enjoy the evening with my wife! I always look forward to the evening because after such full on days, it’s the only time that we get to fully unwind!

One thing that we do to relax is to use Scentered Candles whilst watching a film or TV series. We love a good box set and it’s so cosy when dimming the lights to let the aroma of the candles fill the air!

Scentered have an amazing range of beautiful aromas that are 100% natural and designed to help you relax ….. they certainly work their magic on me!

In total they have 6 scents that all have different aromas to provide various states of mind – SLEEP WELL, DE-STRESSS, FOCUS, BE HAPPY, ESCAPE and LOVE.

Along with the candles, they have aromatherapy balms which are rubbed in your pulse points before going to bed. This works a treat as well because I always have so many thing running through my head and I find it so difficult to switch off. Using the candles and the balm together is a great way to get a good night sleep which is essential with me having such a busy working day!

For father’s day, they are given me a discount code to get 15% off – FATHERS15. Head over to their site to take a look!

These candles and balms would make a brilliant gift for any father that struggles to relax when transitioning from work to family life!

Relaxing Bath

Occasionally, I will enjoy a nice relaxing bath during an evening as this really allows me to transition nicely from a hard working day to being at home with my family.

When In the bath, I will turn the lights of and light a couple of candles which just adds to the relaxation! It really does give me time to just enjoy the soothing aromas of the candles and fully relax.


I find it really difficult to get off to sleep at night because I’m thinking about so many things, as I’m sure many of you do as well!

The great thing about these aromas, especially the sleep well one, is that they allow you to switch off much quicker. Scentered also provide guidance on their recommended ritual.

They call this a Wellbeing Ritual and it consists of three steps:

  1. Stop – First, light a candle to fill the room with a beautiful aroma or apply the balm to your wrist, neck or temples.
  2. Inhale – Either lift the candle up to your nose or lift your wrist and inhale deeply. Whilst doing this, try to visualise the mental state you wish to achieve in this moment.
  3. Reset – Then exhale deeply and move on with the moment within your day

I’ve tried this ritual a few times now and it really does work, if you are feeling stressed at any point during the day, this is a brilliant way to take a moment to relax before moving on with your day!

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