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Essential Questions To Ask When On The Lookout For A Family Car

So, you’re on the lookout for a new car; one that will not only suit you but your whole family too. This is easier said than done, of course, but to ensure you don’t make any unwise and costly spending decisions (the wife won’t be pleased), you should ask yourself some important questions to help you make the right choice.

In this article, we are going to list a few of those questions, and no, these don’t include “what will my wife think when I come home with a brand new Ferrari?” 

1. Should I buy used or new?

When possible, buying new is something of a no-brainer. Not only will you gain street cred as your friends and neighbours look on in awe, but you will also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your car has the latest safety features installed as well as a factory warranty to account for any mechanical problems. Of course, you are looking at a huge expense when buying something new, no matter what financing deal you go for, so buying used may be your better option if you know you can’t justify the expense. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue as new cars depreciate quickly anyway, so you may be able to buy something almost-new at a cheaper price a year after release, and with dealers akin to Hilton Car Supermarket offering extended warranties and dealer guarantees, you don’t need to worry about reliability issues too much. 

2. How safe is the car?

This needs to be your priority when looking at any car, as you need to consider the welfare of your children. Airbags need to be fitted around the car, including side airbags which are designed to protect your passengers, no matter how small. The cabin area needs to incorporate crumple zones to absorb the force of any car accident. And be on the lookout for any modern features that will further protect your children, such as a rear-facing camera that will prove useful for when you need to check on your little backseat passengers. Do your research online, and do a Google search for the safest cars on the market. 

3. Is there enough space for my family?

We don’t need to tell you that space is important, especially if you have a family of your own. There needs to be the right seat capacity for each of your passengers for starters, including sufficient space for your children’s car seats. Your children need plenty of leg room, as not only will they be uncomfortable otherwise, but you will be too when you feel their feet digging into your back. And you need plenty of space in your boot for such things as your family luggage when you’re going on vacation, as well as enough space for games equipment, strollers, food hampers, and other assorted belongings that are associated with your family.

4. Does it come with child-friendly features?

Many modern cars are equipped with a variety of child-friendly features, so consider the needs of your family when you’re looking at cars online or at the dealership. As examples, you might want to look for back seat cup holders (saving your back seat from any drink spills), power sockets for your children’s phones and tablets (you need to keep your kids entertained somehow), and retractable sunshades to protect your children from the sun. There are more ideas in the linked article, so scroll upwards and take a look.


So, before you hurry over to your local car dealer and make an unwise decision (such as buying that beautiful red Ferrari you have been eyeing up), factor in the questions we have suggested to help you make the right car choice for your family. Let us know your thoughts too, and if we have missed any important questions, or if you have anything to add, please include your suggestions in the comments below.