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Why is outdoor learning important?

Now summer is officially here we have more opportunity to get out and about with our children in the great outdoors! What better way to learn new things than while being surrounded by nature and taking in our surroundings? As well as enjoying being outside and making the most of the weather outdoor learning also offers wider benefits. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum actually insists on outdoor experiences on a daily basis. St Hilda’s, an independent girls School in Harpenden have pulled together some of the reasons that outdoor learning is so important!

Physical & Mental Health

Outdoor learning is a fantastic way to improve a child’smental and physical health. Hearing sounds of nature is a great way to release serotonin in the brain which reduce stress and improved wellbeing. Being active and exploring the outdoors is also a great way to get the step count up and can help reduce childhood obesity. Why sit at a desk all day when you can be enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer? 

Going Green! 

Being out in the real world is a great way to encourage curiosity and develop empathy for the environment, helping them to understand and respect nature. As a result children are more likely to become conscious global citizens and help look after the world that we live in. In the current times more environmentally aware people in the younger generation is exactly what we need! 

Effective Learning 

Everyone has a learning preference and will find certain environments more or less beneficial to their studying. However children in Nursery or Primary School tend to learn better via sensory and physical experiences. Many of the experiences are unique to the outdoors, such as weather and seasons. As most parents of young children will know, they tend to really enjoy playing and exploring outdoors, whilst actively engaging with the environment.