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Personalised & Useful Thank You Teacher Gifts Ideas

Whether you’ve met your kids’ teacher a couple of times this year or not, we can all appreciate the amount of hard work and patience they give every single day to keep our little ones interested. So, to show them some gratitude and get them something useful, I’ve teamed up with Funky Pigeon and selected a few ideas to help you with some inspiration this end of term.

The Card… Always the Card first! 

A quick reminder about a card! There’s a lot of different designs to choose from in their range – from funny Loch Ness Monsters to pretty unicorns and colourful toucans. Your card will probably stand out and be much more memorable for your kids’ teachers if you get a personalised design too.

A Custom Engraved Pen for Everyday Use 

Because teachers love their stationery (or at least use a lot of it!), you could get them an engraved pen with their name on. There are lots of custom stationery items that you can add with the pen like a custom notepad. You can choose a modern ballpoint pen for only £11.99, or an old-fashioned Parker fountain pen to thank them properly. A good idea for teachers who frequently lose pens (my guess is there’s quite a few); plus a long-lasting and gift to help them to mark all that work or write down their to-dos.

A Super-hero Mug to Brighten Their Mood 

For any cool teacher filled with super-powers, you might like to choose a traditional mug – guaranteed to be used daily and give them a bit of positive re-enforcement each day. Whether they choose to use it during their breaks at school, bring it home, or use as a pencil pot, there’s a multitude of use to them!

A Colourful Coaster for Their Desk 

Grab a cheap (but very handy) coaster for any teacher to leave on their desk. From just £3.99 a custom coaster can be a small joyful gift to offer and easy to slip in with a thank you teacher card too. Personalise them with their best teaching skills or funniest photo – such an easy present.

Their Own Personalised Notebook 

For all their paperwork (which there will be a lot of!), lesson preparation, teaching ideas, or daily to-do lists, the best practical idea is to create them a personalised notebook. It’s super easy, you just add your kids’ teacher’s name and/or photo to the cover of the notebook you chose, and then choose the size. You’ll find many popular designs including “best teacher” to “Mr/Mrs Surname’s notes”. A classic idea, but still a good one today!

A Tote Bag to Carry All the Classroom Resources

Maybe teachers aren’t always carrying bags and bags of files and folders anymore… or maybe they still do? Either way, a handy tote bag will always be useful for their work or home life – especially one personalised with their name or with a meaningful quote on. On the Funky Pigeon site most of the tote bags can be customised with their names, or feature tagline such as “This teacher rocks”, “Star teacher”, or “big hearts shape little minds”. Plus, they’re only £9.99, for a bit of a different gift they’ll appreciate, that’s not too bad.

Personalised Name Keyrings

If you’re looking something cheap then another good idea is a personalised teacher keyring. Similar to a coaster, they’re great as a small, affordable token which can be placed with the card in the same envelope. Each keyring is only £3.99 and you can customise it with their name or even add a photo and you’re all sorted.

A Handy Apron for All the Cooking Classes

Another classic useful gift – the apron! If the teacher in question is a food or art teacher then it’s seemingly a perfect fit. There are again a few teacher specific designs or you can go for something a bit funnier if you wish. For example if you’re a GOT fan like me, take a look at the GOT-themed apron below. You can upload the teacher’s photo to make him look like John Snow! 

For more present and gift ideas, head over to Funky Pigeon’s teacher gifts page.