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Going on an adventure trip with friends? 7 things you need to have

Are you tired of living the same old mundane life? Traveling is an excellent way to take some time off from your everyday hassles. Merely, visiting new and beautiful locations isn’t fun. The company you have and the activities you perform also play a role in how great your trip goes. This is why activities $129 billion in revenue within the global tourism industry. 

Bungee jumping. Hiking. Camping. Almost any type of trip becomes a memorable adventure when friends surround you. But, to ensure that your adventurous trip becomes a success, you need to carry the right things with you. Here are seven things you must have.

1.    Travel Bag

Do you think a suitcase is enough for your traveling adventure? While your suitcase will be perfect for carrying all the things you need for your trip, what will you do when you hit the road? Or, when you decide to go on a hike? Surely, you can’t take your fancy bag wherever you go! This is why you also need to get a durable travel bag. It should be big enough to carry all the essentials you might need when you begin sightseeing at your destination. At the same time, make sure that its quality is good enough. The last thing you need is your travel bag to tear and scatter all your essentials all over the place in a busy street!

2.    Comfortable shoes

Are you thinking of traveling with a single pair of shoes? Well, think again. It doesn’t matter what type of adventure you are embarking on. Whether it be trekking, snorkeling, camping, or mountain climbing, you need shoes that stay with you through thick and thin. And no one pair can do so. Therefore, make sure to carry at least three pair of sports shoes for your trip. You will find excellent and highly comfortable options in brands like Baabuk. Do your research. Look at the specifications of the product and purchase the best one for your trip. Uncomfortable and painful shoes have the power to ruin all the fun. Don’t let this happen to you. 

3.    The right type of clothes 

It doesn’t matter what type of fun vacation you are going on and what kind of company you have, you need to have the right kind of clothes with you. Always carry a windproof jacket, regardless of what the weather forecast is. You never know, it can still get chilly at nights! Similarly, do thorough research about the weather of the place you are visiting and pack your clothes accordingly. You wouldn’t want to end up packing a summer wardrobe for a cold place! Just because you have heard how great the sunny days are doesn’t mean it always stays sunny in a given location. Sometimes, cities feature extreme weathers in days and nights. The only way to carry the right type of clothes is by researching about it all beforehand. 

4.    Flashlights

Some adventures end up with you being in a forest late at night. How else can you learn the real art of camping or trekking? If you are going on a fun trip with your friends, brace yourself to be friends with the darkness as well. This is because all the thrilling adventures happen at night. Even if you don’t have it planned out in your itinerary, you never know when your mood changes. Therefore, always carry a high-quality flashlight with you for your adventurous vacation. Whether or not you need a hand flashlight or a head torch is something you will have to decide on your own. Head torch is preferred if you plan on going on a cycling trip. For camping or trekking, a handheld flashlight will do the trick. 

5.    Medical Kit

Accidents can happen anywhere. But, on an adventurous journey, there is a much higher probability of you and your friends getting bruises or injuries. You need to be well-prepared for this. Therefore, always pack a medical kit with you, with all the essential items. This can include bandage, medications for bruises as well as common ailments like cold, flu or a headache, antiseptic creams, cotton swabs, thermometer, hand sanitizers, etc. 

6.    Insect Repellents

If you are going on an outdoor trip, you will come across insects. There is nothing you can do to stop them from hovering over your head. In fact, even if you plan on staying indoors, or away from nature, insects are something that is everywhere. This is why you must carry insect repellents with you wherever you go. This helps you stay safe from mosquitoes and other types of bugs. You must invest in a quality bug repellent to make sure you don’t end up suffering from infections. 

7.    Camera

While you should live in the moment, at the same time, you should also capture it all behind a lens. This way, when you turn old and grey and when you forget all the details, you have something to look back at. You can choose to carry a DSLR, a digital camera or one which delivers instant photos. Just make sure you don’t bring a camera that is too expensive. After all, one can never be sure about the type of weather you will come across on your vacation. And we all know that rain or snowfall isn’t best friends with cameras. So, it is better to carry an inexpensive yet good enough camera than a high-quality one. 

Final thoughts

Living the same old life can get boring. You need thrill and adventure. You need the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins. Gather all your friends and plan the perfect adventurous trip. Make memories that you will remember for a lifetime. Pack the right things in your bag, and voila you are ready to climb mountains, dive deep into the sea or walk miles on a trek. Live a life worth reminiscing. 

Author Bio: Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on TwitterLinkedInFacebook