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4 Ways to Keep The Kids Entertained During The Summer

Having the family free to spend time with one another over the summer is a wonderful opportunity, but it also brings to light the many, many weeks you have to think of something to keep everyone occupied. Summertime can be expensive, and if you’re not going on holiday, you may end up spending more than you want to pay when taking the family on lots of short trips. 

So here are some budget-friendly options of how to keep your family entertained this summer.

Go for a Meal at a Family Friendly Place

Dining out is a must during the summer, and it’s a treat you owe yourself as a family. There are many friendly and child-welcoming pubs in the UK, with varied menus to ensure that there’s always something the kids are going to be happy to eat. You need a place with a warm, relaxed vibe and a bit of background noise, so nothing too fancy for the little ones. You could even incorporate it into a day trip, with places such as Surrey offering many attractions like Thorpe Park with a stop off at The Flintgate Pub on the way.

Arrange a Movie Day 

It’s the UK, so summer doesn’t necessarily mean sunny weather –and on a day where it might be pouring heavy rain outside, get the popcorn and snacks in and arrange a movie marathon for you and the family! There are plenty of great movies with streaming companies such as Netflix and Amazon if you don’t have toomuch of a DVD selection. Memberships are cheap, and you can always cancel after the summer is over. 

Design a Treasure Hunt

If you have a large garden, make the most of it on a sunny day by planning a treasure hunt for the family. You could hide notes incertain places and have it lead to whatever treasure you like (a bar of chocolate, a new toy). You could even make the rules so that the loser has to help with the summer chores! That’s one way of ensuring that they’re done. 

If you don’t have much outside space with your property, try taking the hunt outdoors somewhere. You can buy a metal detector online for a low price and maybe travel to the coast or moors where the kids can have fun searching for their own treasure (which may be an old penny, but it still counts). 

Go to a Museum or Science Centre

The admission for this is usually free, and if it isn’t, it won’t break the bank for a family pass, and it’ll be worth it for a fun, educational day out. Science centres especially are fantastic for offering lots of activities for children to take part in and learn something new. There are many options in the UK to choose from, depending on what you and your family like, whether it’s a focus on space and astronauts, or a planetarium and marine life.Or all of the above!

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