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6 Outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy

Regardless of what you go through in life, you can always count on your family to be there for you. they’ve seen you at your worst and your best, and have always been right there to pick you up or cheer you on. Just like your parents did that for you, you’ll do it for your kids. That being said, it’s important to show them you’re their biggest fan from the early ages. A child who grows up with unconditional love and support is a happy child, then adult. 

To show your kids you’re there for them, you should spend as much time together as possible. The importance of family will be evident to the young one when you’re all enjoying the outdoors together and bonding over the silliest things. Their family will teach them about the wonderful world around them, allow them to explore nature, and guide them through this amazing journey we call life. Through all of it, the whole family is bound to feel closer and strengthen their relationships regardless of age and gender.

1. Go on a family camping trip

There’s nothing that spells “outdoors” better than a camping trip. Your kids will get to learn about nature first-hand, while also bonding with their family and building new skills. You can teach them all about the plants around you, the animals that live in the woods, and observe this unique ecosystem up close.

They’ll learn how to build a fire and a tent, search for the most famous constellations, and fall in love with nature. The camping stories you tell around the fire at night will stay with them always, and if you bring a guitar, you can light up the forest with your music. Regardless of the age of your kids, you’ll all manage to have fun together.

Your family will finally go offline and get to know each other on a real level. It seems like there’s rarely an opportunity today to get outside and experience nature with your loved ones, so take the weekend off, get packing, and head for the woods!

2. Water park it

The waterpark is an exciting place to take your family. It’s hot outside, the kids are going stir crazy, but you’re boiling as soon as you open the front door. What do you do? You pack their swimsuits and beach towels and head straight for the waterpark. Here, you’ll find the refreshment you need. All those fun waterslides and pools will be enough to entertain both you and your kids.

You can let them explore the premises on their own or find the best slides together. A lot of fun in the water awaits, too, as you can go on the lazy river together to relax, race in the swimming pool, or even slide down together.

Don’t forget to pack snacks, though, as you all will surely go hungry after all that excitement. You can treat them to some ice cream, too, just to complete the whole experience. At the end of the day, you’ll all be exhausted but extremely content.

3. Paintballing

This may seem like a dangerous sport, but it’s actually very family-friendly. If your kids are young, you can take it down a notch and focus on teaching them how to paintball properly. If they’re older- the game is on. Divide your family into two teams; boys versus girls or parents versus kids works just fine. Let’s see which side wins!

Paintballing will teach your kids to think strategically, let them blow off some steam, and show you just how competent they are. It will also make the teams work together in order to win, which will, in turn, result in strengthened family relationships. To spice things up, you can even put a wager on it. The team that loses has to cook dinner tonight.

As far as small children are concerned, paintballing may be too extreme for them. If you don’t want to spend the day teaching them how to do it, you can choose a similar activity that will allow you to play together. Laser tag is just perfect for families with younger children because it’s just as exciting, but there’s less risk the kids will get hurt. After all, there won’t be heavy paintballs hitting your child.

4. Horseback riding

Introducing your children to animals is always a good idea. Introducing them to one of the most amazing gentle giants is an even better idea. Almost every kid wants a pony when they’re young, and since that’s impossible, you can at least take them horseback riding. There are plenty of ranches that offer lessons or just one-day rides for people of all ages.

Your kids will get to learn something few of their peers know, you’ll get to be close to these magnificent animals, and you’ll both get to enjoy a serene ride through nature. This is an especially good idea if the whole family has been tense and stressed because of school and work lately.

There’s no better way to relax than to let a strong and capable horse lead you through the trail on their wide and comfortable back. Once the ride is over, don’t go home right away. Stick around and show your kids how horses are taken care of. Feed them a few cubes of sugar or some carrots, brush their manes, and let your child pet their long snout.

This will be an experience like no other. Children are usually scared of animals that are that much bigger than them, so now’s your chance to show them that animals are their friends. Horses are notorious for their patient and gentle nature, making them the perfect companion for learning about nature’s creatures first-hand. Who knows, maybe a lifelong love of horses will stem from this day.

5. Cycling!

Teaching your kid to ride a bike is one of the most valuable memories you can create for both of you. It’s one of the first things they’ll learn to do for themselves that will make them feel smart and competent. To encourage them to be physically active and make them fall in love with their bike, you can try cycling as a family.

Cycling is far from a solo activity, as it’s the perfect opportunity to exercise, laugh, and bond with the people you love. All you need is a pair of quality men and womens bikes to glide you through the neighborhood effortlessly. The wind in your hair, your feet on the paddles, and your family racing alongside you- what could be more exhilarating?

If your kids are small, take them on light rides first. Teach them all the basics and take them cycling regularly to improve their skill and give them the dose of exercise they need to stay healthy. Soon enough, it will be the kids taking your hand to go cycling and have fun exploring the neighborhood. As they grow and their skill increases, you can come up with more complex routes around town. If you’re a family of adrenaline junkies, you may even want to try mountain biking when the kids are old enough.

Just don’t forget to pack the proper gear, regardless of if it’s just a ride around the neighborhood or something a bit more extreme. Bike shoes, gloves, and helmets are absolutely necessary. That way, if anyone falls, they’ll be safe and sound.

6. Visit an amusement park

The most you’re going to have as a family is at an amusement park. Though people usually think amusement parks are just for kids, there are actually plenty of rides adults can enjoy, too. This means that you’ll certainly have fun as a whole family.

You can buy passes for the local parks and enjoy them each time you have a free afternoon. If there are no amusement parks in your area, feel free to make a road trip out of it. There are surely interesting parks nearby that your family can see. You can make a map of them and use one weekend to visit them all.

This is bound to be an adventure for the whole family. The kids will be more than excited to go on all the rides and explore every perimeter of the park. Don’t forget to collect a souvenir from each park you visit so that you can remember this family outing for ages to come.


These activities are meant to open up your family to each other, bring you closer together, and show you that you can do amazing things just by being you. The outdoors might not be everyone’s scene, but if you give it a chance and explore it together, you might be surprised. Your family is one step closer to bringing their relationships on another level and becoming even stronger. These activities will help you see each other in a different light and discover how smart, competent, and borderline amazing your family is.