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Low Maintenance Fencing Ideas for Your Garden

The classic style of wood fencing is so beautiful and attractive that it’s easy to forget about the maintenance it will need to stay just as beautiful throughout the years. Unless you are a DIY enthusiast with more time on your hands than most people, consider some of these alternative low maintenance fencing ideas to make your life easier.

Install Composite Fences for the Complete Package

If you want the unmatched aesthetics of wooden fencing, simply checkout the Medieval Range from Ecomposite Products and you will realise that there is practically no way for anyone to discern that it isn’t really wood just by looking at it. At the same time, composite is stronger and more durable than wood, because it doesn’t rot away or scratch like vinyl. That’s a win-win scenario, if there ever was one.

The versatility of composite fencing is also what makes it the go-to material these days, because whether you want security, privacy, aesthetics, or all of it in one package, that also requires minimum to no maintenance efforts, there just isn’t anything better out there.

Vinyl is a Popular Low Maintenance Material to Consider

Vinyl is also a material that can mimic classic white, wooden picket fences pretty well, and they are easy to clean too. As far as maintenance is concerned, vinyl does not require any painting and of course, being plastic, it doesn’t rot away like wood either.

The problem with vinyl fencing however, is that it scratches, fades and cracks easily. Metallic reinforcement helps to make vinyl fences more resistant to blunt force, but things can get very costly, especially since the thicker vinyl, the more expensive the project gets.

Steel is as Strong It Gets

If security is your priority above all else, then steel is what you need with it being one of the strongest metals. There is nothing that can compare to steel fences in terms of providing security against physical intrusion. As far as maintenance is concerned, touch-ups might be required every now and then, but they do last seemingly forever!

Unfortunately, if you live on hilly grounds, they are mostly unusable. Also, privacy with steel fences is generally not considered a good choice, since they don’t really look very nice and the cost of covering every inch of your fencing with steel is going to be very, very expensive!

Aluminium: The More Affordable Metal

Aluminium is cheaper, doesn’t rust and is really easy to install as well. Aluminium also requires only touch ups to cover scratches once in a while, and can mimic iron or steel fencing quite impressively. 

That being said, it also is a very malleable metal that isn’t nearly as strong as steel or even wrought iron. If security is on your mind, know that burglars can break through aluminium fencing quite easily when they want to.

Nobody wants to waste the money, effort and time necessary to maintain the garden fences any more than they have to, so it’s imperative to choose the right material to begin with. Unfortunately, a good number of homeowners regret their choices, soon after the job is complete. At that point, they either have to live with the expenses and troubles of regular fence maintenance, or install new ones.