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Why You Must Control Dust in Your Workplace

Too much dust in the workplace can have serious implications on an employee’s health, not to mention that it looks messy and is also breaking the law. Dust in large amounts also has the potential to be combustible, so ensuring that you never have a build-up of dust in your factory means no chance of potential explosions. The worst risk associated with too much dust is dust-related illnesses. If you work in any industry in which dust is an issue, read on to discover why you must control dust in your workplace.

Employee Safety

Believe it or not, dust can be very dangerous to your health. Providing the right PPE is a good start in protecting your workers, but if you do not adequately get rid of dust from the workplace, then you are constantly putting your employees in danger. Some of the major issues that dust brings is skin conditions, rashes and nose and eye damage. Breathing in dust over many years can also seriously harm the tissue within the lungs and cause permanent scarring. One of the main concerns with this is that dust related illnesses that affect the lungs can take many years to discover, and signs and symptoms may not manifest until it is too late and the damage is done. 

Environmental Obligations

If you own any kind of workplace, it is up to you to stay as environmentally friendly as possible. If you do not take care of dust as you should, then this will go on to pollute the air that we breathe. This could also break the environmental regulations within your county and so it is best to check with these if you don’t want to get fined too. 

The Law

There are many laws in place which look at preventing the amount of dust in the workplace. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is just one law that always looks at maintaining a safe environment for employees. Another law which covers dust in the workplace is the Control ofSubstances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1988. Failure to follow these laws may lead to your business being shut down,and so it is important to keep dust to a minimum. 

How to Control Dust in Your Workplace

If you are struggling to control dust in your workplace, then it may be worth investing in a dust extraction system. These can extract the dust from your workspaces into a control filter. An extraction system can also be tailored specifically for your workplace, meaning that any dust gets filtered from the right areas rather than wasting energy on areas that don’t need extraction. For more information on dust extraction systems check out: https://www.integratedair.co.uk/dust-extraction-systems/. 

Controlling dust in your workplace is essential in keeping your employees safe from harm and preventing any dust-related illnesses that may manifest over time. As an employer,you must keep your workplace clean and safe from harm, so using an extraction system can aid you in controlling dust with minimal effort.