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Clever Uses for Your Credit Card

Credit cards have a bad reputation for triggering debt that can spiral out of control, leading to a life of financial insecurity, however, if you approach them sensibly, they can be very beneficial. By reading up on how to make the most of a credit card, they could end up opening a lot of doors for you, here’s how…

Credit History

Your credit history can have a big impact on certain aspects of your life. For example, when it comes to applying for a rental property, a mortgage, or any other arrangement that involves repayments such as buying something on hire purchase, your credit score will be considered. 

If your score is high this means that you are reliable when it comes to making sensible choices about what you can and cannot afford and making repayments. How you go about using your credit card is one of the best examples of this, so make sure you use it as an opportunity to show timely and full repayments. A bad credit history can come as a result of any unpaid debts such as credit card bills or parking fines. The more reliable you are the more your credit card provider will be happy to lend you too.


Many companies reward you when using a credit card to make payments, due to agreements they have with the lenders, as a form of initiative. When choosing which credit card to sign up for, choose one that offers rewards for the kinds of things you most often purchase, for example if you are frequent flyer, you drive many miles a day for work, you love to shop, or you love to dine out. Rewards often come in the form of credit to be used on these activities or additional services such as travel insurance. Take your time to read the small print for each credit card to make sure it really is the best choice for you. 


Most credit cards come with an interest free period where you can make purchases and pay back without being charged anything by the credit card company. It’s good to make the most of this, for example if someone has asked you to buy something for them and has assured you that they will pay you back, use the credit card to pay for it and ask for repayment before the interest free period runs out. This way, you’ve done them a favour without being out of pocket at any point yourself, and you’ve probably earned rewards as well as improving your credit history.

As long as you are clever in your approach to having a credit card, they can be a fantastic way to improve your credit score in order to be considered for various hire purchase options,including mortgages and rental agreements. You can earn a lot of rewards from companies of your choice as a result of using a credit card to pay for things, and if you make the most of interest free periods, you can end up avoiding charges altogether. Financial advice is something important to seek out as an adult as it can teach you how to benefit from money sources that you are not currently aware of.