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Thinking Of Getting A Puppy? Here Are Five Things You Must Know

Welcoming a new puppy or dog into the family can be one of those heart-warming and exciting moments of your adult life. Preparations should be all in place by the time your new pet arrives, and you should know where it’s going to sleep, the diet it requires, toys should be ready for it to play with, lessons should have been well-researched, walking routes mapped out, and money set aside in case of, God forbid, accidents.

If you’re eagerly awaiting the time until your little pup is thrust into your arms, then be sure to read on to ensure you’re well prepared and ready:

It Has To Be The Right Decision 

First things first, if you have any doubts and reservations about getting a dog, they should be ironed out as soon as possible. If you can’t seem to shake any of these doubts and reservations, then it’s probably not feasible for you to get one. If you’re not in the right place financially, or if you work away from home too much, then getting a dog might have to wait another year or so. Don’t adopt or purchase a dog if you’re just not able to give it the love, time, safety, and attention that it needs. Especially in the early days of training and socialisation, you will need to bear in mind the commitment involved in owning a dog or puppy. 


Without proper and professional training, a dog ownership can be challenging. Ensure that you invest time in getting your dog house trained, as well as behaving well on the lead without pulling and jumping up, learning basic commands, and knowing how to respect the boundaries and house rulesyou set. Consider getting your pup signed up to receive Dog Training In Ewell to equip them with the skills to calmly approach other dogs, learn how to interact with other pets, and listen to you. 

Know That Every Dog Is Unique 

No one dog is the same as another; they all have different personalities and temperaments, so bear this in mind when getting a new canine. Just because you’ve owned the same breed as the one you’re getting again, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be just like the previous one. Some dogs will require more exercise, food, and interaction so be attentive to their needs and love them unconditionally. 

Consider Fostering and Adopting 

There are more options available to you than simply buying a dog or puppy on gumtree or through somebody you know. 

Consider rescuing a dog or puppy from a pound or a shelter. This way, you’ll be giving a dog in need of love and affection a home without supporting a cruel trade. Rescue dogs are left to wait in small kennels until someone chooses to take them home and give them the love they deserve, so let that person be you. This option will also save you a considerable amount of money, too.