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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy with Kids

As your children will require a substantial amount of your time and attention, and you may need to juggle a busy working life, you might believe you have to forgo an organised, attractive home. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to choose between a tidy household and raising healthy, happy children.

To ensure every room looks sparkling when guests come to visit, read the five ways to keep your home clean and tidy with kids.

1. Establish Playtime Rules

Every parent should introduce playtime rules, which can prevent them from standing on toys or dealing with a significant amount of mess. For example, you should inform them they need to put one toy away before playing with another, and restrict the types of activities they can enjoy in select rooms within the home. For example, they should keep finger painting to their bedroom or playroom.

2. Make Use of Storage Baskets

While your children might be small in size, they likely have a considerable number of belongings you’re battling with each day. To maintain a tidy home, you should invest in storage baskets to add items into before requesting your children put them away. You could even introduce labelled storage bins or baskets, which can help them to maintain an organised bedroom.

3. Improve Mealtimes

Mealtimes can lead to much mess accumulating in the kitchen or dining room. After all, dishes, pots and pans can quickly add up in the kitchen sink, and young babies and children are prone to spilling drinks, dropping food and staining their clothes during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the level of mess you’ll need to battle with once a meal is over. For example, you should soak pot, pans and preparation tools in hot water as you cook a meal, so you’ll only need to wash away dirty plates once your family has finished at the dinner table.

You also should request your children scrape away excess food into the bin, and ensure your toddler wears a feeding bib from BIBaDO, which can keep both your floors and your son or daughter clean during mealtimes.

4. Invest in the Best Cleaning Tools

Struggling with an old, clunky vacuum cleaner will slow down the cleaning process, while inadequate kitchen cleaners can result in you spending your days scrubbing surfaces, ovens and dishes. It is, therefore, worthwhile spending a little extra on the best cleaning products and equipment for the job, so you can clean your home in an instant and spend more time caring for your children.

5. Stay on Top of Your Laundry

Dirty clothing can quickly add up in a family home. To ensure you never struggle with multiple loads of washing each day, you should aim to stay on top of your laundry. For example, add hampers into different rooms, such as the bathroom, children’s bedrooms and your own bedroom, so you can easily find dirty clothes within the home. 

Also, if you have a small washing machine, don’t spend your days waiting to wash clothing and visit a laundrette instead. It will allow you to tackle multiple laundry loads in one quick swoop.