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5 Creative Activities Intended for the Whole Family

Without a doubt, family activities are a lot of fun but there are few of them that are truly engaging. The biggest problem with spending leisure time together as a family is selecting the activities that will be interesting enough for all the family members. What might be fun for an 8-year old boy, might not interest a 70-year old woman, so achieving balance is crucial. 

However, once you discover the activities that put a smile on all the members of the family, young or old, you will benefit from stronger family ties.

Recipes and cooking

One activity is sweeter than any other and that is cooking. Whether the family is preparing cupcakes or some special beans, you are all bound to have hours of fun mixing and preparing the ingredients. Furthermore, this is an activity where wisdom (and recipes) of the older members meets the eagerness to learn of the younger members of the family. A cook-off is a win-win situation, as grandma and grandpa get a chance to pass their culinary knowledge to their grandchildren. If you’re the middle generation, well, then you have nothing else but to taste the wonderful dishes they prepared together.

Camping in the backyard

True camping trips include venturing into the wilderness which can be dangerous at times. There will come a period when the kids are grown up enough for such an adventure but in the meantime, you can camp as a family in (the safety of) your own backyard. This will be a great way to draw the kids away from the TV screen and help them prepare for the real thing. They will learn to fend for themselves and you will benefit from someone else pouring you a cup of tea or juice. After dark, you can organize a party to spice things up.

A costume party

Speaking of parties, perhaps the best type in the children’s eyes is a costume party. Dressing up is fun both for boys and girls but the best thing is that you needn’t buy the costumes, as they can be rented. In fact, renting kids costumes will decrease the total cost and increase the overall fun because of the wide array of costumes.

This also means that you can find something for every family member. Costumes can be worn by everyone, from grandparents to children. You can even design your ideal superhero costume online and have it made and delivered to your doorstep. For those with a smaller budget, even lifelike masks are considered a good dress-up.

A family band

There is hardly a person alive that doesn’t enjoy music. We all have different musical tastes but in general, we all tolerate nursery rhymes. Well, if you are looking for some collective fun, then a family band is the ideal way to go. Your repertoire will be selected by the youngest members of the family, as no one will have a problem singing and performing these tunes. If you are any good, record your home shows and post them on YouTube. Who knows, you might become popular and turn a fun family activity into a profitable venture. Who said having kids is a huge expenditure!

A family book club

Another fun activity that will be dominated by children’s content is a book club. It can be organized at your grandparent’s place during one of the regular visits. This way, the children will look forward to visiting their grandparent and you will be able to relax. The essence of a book club is relaxation, hanging out together, and learning new things. Kids can teach their grandparents about the Game of Thrones franchise, while grandparents can tell the tale of Dorothy and Toto that the kids might have not listened about before.

The essence of all the 5 fun family activities is the fact that all members can participate and that they are engaging. The last thing you need is a tedious activity that will bore everyone out. Start with any of the activities listed here to experiment which one suits all the members of the family best. Let their smiles be the grading scale of how much fun a particular activity is.