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How to Make Your Home Child Friendly and Stylish

As babies become toddlers and toddlers become children, the potential for exploring and causing mayhem around the house drastically increases. Even the most well-behaved kids can turn a home upside down. Of course, letting your kids be free to express themselves and make messes along the way is important for their young, developing minds. That doesn’t make it any less stressful for the adults of the family. Here are a few tips on how to make your home child friendly without compromising on style. Here are a few tips on how to make your home child friendly without compromising on style.

Safety First

Young children are sturdy in many ways and can survive bumps and trips that most adults couldn’t. However, they are also very delicate and have yet to learn about the risks surrounding them. Your priority as a guardian should be to limit the opportunities for injury by child-proofing your home as best as possible. Make sure toxic substances are kept somewhere impossible for children to reach. Install baby gates near stairs for younger kids to avoid trips. During the crawling and early walking stages, add buffers to sharp edges and corners of furniture and walls to avoid injury.

Embrace the Mess

Kids are rarely examples of impeccable hygiene and tidiness. With a child in the house you must be prepared for the fact that it is unlikely for your home to look like something from an interior design magazine until your kids have moved out and bought their own place. To make this less stressful for the more style-conscious parent, a good way to embrace the chaos is to design your home in such a way that untidiness is either easily undone or adds to the look. A simple, minimalist room with scattered toys can be aesthetically pleasing, as well as having cute storage solutions for your children to keep their belongings in. See your child’s possessions as a colourful variety of ornament that brightens your home instead of clutters it.

Create a Grown-Up Space

No matter how devoted you are to your children, every guardian needs their alone time. Baby talk and play time can be fun for short periods of time but sooner or later you will crave a moment of peace. Choose somewhere in your home that is off-limits to kids, such as your bedroom or a bathroom. Visit beautifulbathroom.net and create a place for you to unwind without children demanding your attention. Design your chosen room to your tastes without worrying about crayon on the walls or muddy footprints on the floor.

Choose a Clever Layout

Some homes are already great for kids as they’ve been designed with an open plan layout. This means that there is more space for your child to play while within your line of sight. If possible, select a wall or two that can be removed, such as the ones between kitchen and dining room or living room. Your home will feel brighter and fresher as well as safer for your kids.