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How To Save Money When You’re Running ‘Dad’s Taxi

When you have kids and they get a little older, there’s at least one thing you’re going to get sick and tired of them asking you. ‘Can I have a lift?’ seems to be one of the ultimate catchphrases of pre-teens and teenagers. Whether they are going to see their friends, to an after school club, or somewhere else, you’re going to be expected to drop them off and pick them up at all times of day. 

Here, we’re going to give you a few ideas on how you can save money when running ‘dad’s taxi’:

Get A More Affordable Vehicle

The first thing you can think about doing is getting a more affordable vehicle. You want a vehicle that doesn’t cost too much to fill up or keep on the road. Family cars can be large, which can make them more expensive, but you can still look into your options if you want to save some cash. It might be worth looking into a hybrid car or something similar, as they are better for the environment. 

Encourage Your Kids To Learn To Drive As Soon As They Are Able

If your kids want you to ferry them everywhere, then you should encourage them to drive as soon as they are able to. Ideally, they’ll have their own job so they can cover the costs of lessons and car, but this might be something you’ve been planning on helping them out with for a while. Either way, once you get them on the road you’ll be able to save money (and breathe a sigh of relief).

If your kids are old enough to drive but they don’t have their own car, you might want to consider getting them insured on your own vehicle. This could mean that if you don’t need to use it one day, they can take it out instead and save you the time and trouble. Maybe you could just have an agreement with them that they fill the tank back up to where it was. There are all kinds of insurance companies out there that should insure your kids – if there are insurance companies for drink drivers, you should be able to find something that suits you! 

Don’t Be A Pushover

You want your kids to stay safe. That’s totally understandable. However, many kids tend to take advantage of their worrisome parents by asking them for rides everywhere. Learn when the right time is to say no, even if it kills you to say it. They will have to find their own way around one day, so if they are old enough, you can encourage the train or the bus. You could even get them a bike. Choose the times you taxi them around carefully, and this way they won’t grow to expect as much from you. You want your kids to be independent

Hopefully, this post helps a little, even if your kids always seem to be going somewhere!