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How to Make Marketing Moves for Your Business from Your Phone

These days, marketing is a such an integral part of any business, and luckily the majority of marketing strategies are becoming largely digital. This has a number of positive implications, one of which is the fact you can use helpful software and sync different apps to create a central interface for any marketing actions you want to take. It also allows you to control operations from your phone, meaning you can keep on top of it wherever you are. Using a phone as part of your marketing strategy is a great move, and here’s why.


Firstly, by using a service like Piesync you can get a HubSpot Outlook integration which links your marketing software to your email app on your phone. This saves you so much time as you won’t need to manually input the data you need from either, into the other. Your contact list is crucial for marketing outreach, and hopefully you will build one with a significant number of contacts, making this kind of technology crucial. 

By syncing these apps on your phone, is also useful as it creates a caller ID feature, so you know exactly who is getting in touch for business purposes. Any changes you make to contact details on either app will be updated on both, saving you further time, and you can even filter the kind of contacts you’d like to sync in order to avoid any personal contacts being included. 

Automatic Marketing

The main purpose of syncing your email app with your marketing app is to enable automatic marketing. Automatic marketing is changing the game, especially for smaller businesses with limited staff and capital, as it frees up time whilst also generating profit. Marketing phone apps like Hubspot use intelligent technology to source potentially profitable content from your emails. 

It then creates marketing resources from this information and sends it out to the right audience in bulk through your email phone app. You can also use it to schedule posts, allowing you to make the most of any time you do have, and free up time when you’re pushed. 


Marketing from your phone has the obvious benefit of being ultra-convenient too. You can action outreach and respond to anything incoming from wherever you are, which is particularly beneficial if you’re trying to juggle a number of roles in the early days of starting a business with minimal staff.  You can also centralise everything to one interface so that nothing is missed and you’re not wasting time going between a number of different apps to get the information you need.

Being able to carry out marketing activities remotely saves you time and energy, and allows you to create a constant,steady stream of outreach. This is crucial for smaller businesses in particular who need to do everything they can think of to drum up interest while they are low on capital and staff. Phone marketing is a great platform, as you can make the most of being able to sync apps in order to share contacts,and to find valuable content for automatic marketing. For more business and technology tips, take a look at workingdaddy.co.uk and their useful articles, like how using a tablet could benefit your business