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Music and Love – How They Are the Same

Music and love are seen as different. However, some poets and artists believe that there is a deep connection between both. Psychology also says that music and love are related to each other in many ways. Every sound in nature expresses its love and connection with other things.

The chirping of birds, the sound of water in the ocean, the sound of the morning breeze, and that of rain, everything is music and expresses the love of nature for humans, and other living things on earth. Moreover, all these sounds of nature induces the pure love and joy in people, plants, and animals, provided that we are in the receiving state of mind.

Music comes in many forms like natural and that created by music composers and musicians. Every type of music has a different meaning and induces different feelings and emotions in listeners. Let us dive deeper into the relation between music and human feelings.

Types of music

The feelings and emotions that music induces in humans depend on the type of music and how we perceive them. There are natural sounds in nature that feel pleasant like the sound of spring, waves of the ocean, flowing breeze, etc. Moreover, there are sounds of musical instruments like guitar, violin, drums, piano, flute, etc.

Other types of music include that musicians and composers create that is jazz, rock, pop, and classical that we listen in movies and music albums. These types of music create different emotions, and it can be love, joy, sadness, or depression.

Music produces emotions in mind

Many people know that music can induce emotional states in people. Some songs can make you feel love, joy, and you dance while listening to them. On the other hand, some songs can make you feel down and sad. Some people also cry while listening to sad songs as they remember the good times of their past.

Mother’s Lullaby 

Mothers usually sing a lullaby to make their babies sleep, and the voice of the mother is imprinted in mind and psyche of her baby. The baby receives love and warmth in the lullaby when he or she listens to the mother’s voice. When a mother sings a lullaby for her child, her brain releases the oxytocin hormone that is also called a love hormone. The hormone strengthens the bond of love between mother and child.

Hymns and Chants

People in eastern countries sing hymns and chants in religious places and events. These sounds make people feel closer to each other and to the divine power whom they worship. Moreover, hymns and chants produce highly positive vibrations. Many people believe that chanting spiritual sounds can scare away evil spirits. The frequency of love and these sounds lie between the same band, and that is why hymns and chants make us feel connected to the environment and our inner self.

Music heals

Many religious organizations in the eastern countries use chants and sounds of instruments for healings. The Tibetan singing bowls are a perfect example of healing music. Tibetan Singing bowls produce sounds that promote healing from illnesses like depression, body pain, and stress disorders. Tibetan monks use the sounds of bowls as energy medicine for healing a variety of illnesses.

People who experienced these healing feel the sounds entering not only from their ears but from every cell of their body. The body cells sync themselves to the natural frequency of sounds and transform into a state of calmness and perfect health. These sounds help people restore their natural state of body and mind that is pure love and health.

Music raises your vibration

There are positive and negative emotions in every person. Almost every person feels good, joyful, loved at some times and down and depressed at other times. Music can help people to transform their feelings completely from negative to positive. Music can make changes in the energy field of people and the environment surrounding them. It can make changes on the cell level to produce physical and emotional healing.

So whenever you feel down, all you need is your favorite coffee and a dose of music. You can listen your favorite music on a music player or a music system. Your favorite songs are sure to uplift your vibration and mood in the same way as love. However, don’t listen to sad songs when you are in a bad mood or low state of mind no matter how much you like them.

Music affects consciousness

Research shows that music is capable of changing emotional states, perceptions, and physiology of people. Some particular type of music, such as chants also helps develop spiritual awareness in people. Various types of devotional music can transform people’s consciousness to heightened states of compassion, love, and healing.

The heightened collective consciousness helps people identify with the environmental, societal, and geopolitical issues and find solutions for them. Love is the most heightened state of consciousness that helps resolve any kind of problems that can be attained by devotional and holy music.

Musical instruments

Some people are fond of playing musical instruments. For example, some people like to play guitars, while others like a drum set and some like the violin. It depends on the interest of people and the sound of the instrument they like. Some kids also play instruments like mini guitar or ukelele as their hobby and continue music as their passion when they grow up. Whatever your instrument of choice, having a quality instrument can make all the difference even as a beginner. For instance, if your beginner violins sound good and are easy to play, it will encourage you to want to play more and you will get better, and your love and enjoyment of music will increase too.

Final Words

Music connects to love in many ways. The connection between love and music is there for centuries, and it will stay forever. For people who understand this connection, music can be the name of love. They can feel the love when they listen to certain music; it can be spiritual, holy, sounds of nature of their favorite songs. Love and help us tune into the music of our true nature, while music can help us heal, uplift our vibration, and create harmony between, mind, body, and soul.