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Summer Fun with Playmobil

It’s always difficult to keep the kids busy during the summer holidays! We’ve tried to organise something every day of the holidays but sometimes it’s just not possible due to budgets and of course, the weather!

Going out a few days a week costs a lot of money so it’s good for the kids to have something to play with during the days spent at home.

Someone from PLAYMOBIL got in touch to let us know about their new summer range of toys. They also asked us to talk about our dream holiday.

Our Dream Holiday

Me and my wife love the sun but with small children, it’s not always possible to sit back and enjoy the sun on holiday!

Now our kids are a bit older though with the youngest being 2, I feel like we could enjoy the sun more and take a relaxing holiday.

Our dream family holiday would be somewhere hot that still has lots of things to do for the kids. Earlier this year we went to France in the ferry which the kids absolutely loved! We stayed on a campsite that had a pool, two playgrounds and plenty of other things to do which was ideal. The weather was great and the kids were happy enough to play on the park and in the pool whilst we sat back and enjoyed the sun!

Once the kids are older and have moved out, I would love to take a road rip across America in a bit RV. Another dream holiday for me would be an African safari! But whilst the kids are young we are happy to visit different campsites across Europe!

Beach Days

Another thing the kids love to do is play on the beach …. I suppose all kids do don’t they?!

Just a couple of weeks ago, we went to Blackpool .. not very glamorous I know but we spent most the afternoon on the beach which allowed us to relax and enjoy the sun whilst the kids paddled in the sea and built sandcastles!

Our middle daughter, Evie, used to hate the beach but just lately she has taken to it and now we can’t get her off the beach when it’s time to leave!

Bad Weather Days

The British weather is so unpredictable so there have been plenty of days this summer where my wife has had to stay indoors with the kids.

For that reason it’s always good to have things for the kids to do and play with. That’s where PLAYMOBIL came to the rescue with their summer range of toys. We were sent a Summer Villa, Paddling Pool and a little Ice Cream Van!

The kids (and me) loved building the sets and we’ve had hours and hours of fun with them when the weather hasn’t been great!

Archie took to the summer villa the most and the ice cream van. Our girls are at an age where they enjoy playing and making up their own little stories which is so lovely to watch!

Let me know what your dream holiday would be!