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All About Office Relocation – Checklist

Office relocation can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful when not planned properly. Once you have found a new premise, the next step is to meticulously plan your entire move. It’s virtually impossible to start planning too early. There are many things to consider when moving offices or relocating.

Office Planning

Planning is the first step to a successful relocation. It helps save time and money in the process. You should appoint a relocation team and assign a leader to take charge of the entire process. Confirm the relocation day and choose a reputable office removal service to handle the move. If you have to move technical equipment, you should assign such a task to a specialist in the field.

The relocation team should visit your current office and the new office to get an idea about the whole process. Once you have this framework in place, you should draw up a timetable to complete the relocation. Don’t forget to allocate a budget and document all the expenses involved in the relocation process.


You should inform the staff, clients, suppliers, service providers, and all other relevant people about the office relocation. It will help minimise hassles and make the process as smooth as possible. It is also important to familiarise yourself with the new office space and its surroundings.

Create a floorplan including all the key operational areas like staff workstations, meeting rooms, restrooms, storage rooms, boardroom, and IT and communication systems. Take a look at the office furniture and equipment. You may have to order new furniture and equipment depending on the new requirements. An office fit-out specialist can help you in this regards   

Office Move Checklist – You need to check these things before the moving day.

  • Are all the desks cleared?
  • Are all cabinets, drawers, and cupboards empty?
  • Are all items taken down from the walls?
  • Did you label all the furniture?
  • Are fragile and electrical items packed carefully?
  • Have you removed all items from the kitchen and restroom?

Moving Day

Communication is vital for successfully coordinating the entire event on the big day. Make sure you work with a professional company in the area. They have experience in dealing with dozens of office removals in the past. The relocation team and its leader should coordinate with the local removal company to make the process a resounding success. Here are some things to check when moving to the new premise.

  • Check the condition of the new premise and take photos as evidence.
  • The relocation team should oversee the operation at both offices – the old and new offices.
  • Moving is hard work for all involved in the process. Make sure you put out some refreshments.

After The Move

All those weeks of planning and preparation will pay off when moving offices. Don’t forget to have a “we have moved sign” at your old office – including the contact details of the new office in this sign.