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Creating new memories with Raleigh’s iconic Super Tuff Burner

Over the years, versions of our childhood favourites have been re-released. From new live-action Disney remakes to PLAYMOBIL, and even for those who loved cycling as a kid; the classics we once rode during our childhood are being re-issued for us to experience these happy nostalgic moments all over again.

So to create and relive our childhood memories, 35 years later after it first hit the market, Raleigh has re-released a limited edition of the iconic Super Tuff Burner for parents to rejoice and ride their favourite bike today and since they first rode it back in the 1980s. The bike has become incredibly popular, and in particular with Dads who now have the chance to enjoy creating new memories and riding the classic bike with their own children. 

Just like the original, the Burner bike features a unique gold super chrome finish and black skyway mag wheels, perfect for parents and their kids who are looking to get out and about to master a few BMX stunts and ride around with friends. The Super Tuff Burner is available to pre-order now until the 31st August and isn’t available to purchase again until the general sale which starts in October later this year. 

Getting out on your bike as a kid is one of the most freeing activities you could do as a child, and for many now-parents, when it comes to getting out and about with your kids, cycling is a fantastic way to get active and create new memories together. As a parent, it really is a proud moment when your child starts to feel confident about riding a bike and you’ve been an important part of teaching them how to ride safely

What bike did you ride during your childhood? And, do you still own it?