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How to help when your wife returns to work after maternity leave

After staying at home to mind the children when they were little, your wife decides that it’s time to return to her career. Perhaps her career is calling her back, or you are both starting to feel the children don’t need her around 24 hours a day. Some people study long and hard at a career they absolutely love, and the decision to give that up to be a stay-at-home mum isn’t made lightly. Now, she is determined to re-enter the workforce, you can help ease her transition back to work with a few well-placed tips.

The Importance of Being Supportive

There’s nothing like standing in the way of a woman’s ambitions to quickly ruin an otherwise lovely relationship. If you’ve got a strong-minded, career-oriented wife who is going to return to work, the best advice you can be given is to support her in her goals. Whether she is going back to a previous career or endeavouring to start a new challenge, the stress and nerves she is bound to feel about returning to work after a long time can be eased if you remember to be supportive at all costs!

Bring in Extra Help as Necessary

When a stay-at-home parent returns to work after a long break it can be hard to juggle the little tasks they once took care of around work. So, why not bring in some extra help? Whether it be a nanny to mind the kids when you parents aren’t at home or household staff to keep up with the cleaning and laundry, there are many services available at Beauchamp Partners to fill those voids. In fact, Household Staff jobs at Beauchamp Partners are taken very seriously so that each and every position is filled with the utmost care. If you have a household staff job available, they can pair you with the right person who meets your needs.

Sharing Parenting Roles

It’s natural that when a parent stays at home, the parenting roles will mostly fall to them. When one of the children fell ill at school and needed to be picked up, they’d be able to do it. However, when both parents are working full time, it’s only fair to take turns being ‘on-call.’ The same goes for seeing to nightly baths and bedtime rituals and who is responsible for dinner every night. Leaving all those tasks to your wife is an outdated practice that can have serious consequences if both partners are working.

In the end, it’s all about supporting her in your partnership.She’s shown strength in making this decision, which probably didn’t come easily, so be supportive of her goals and ambitions. Show her that you value her as a person and love her for who she is. There are always ways to work around those little inconveniences when both parents work, but with household help and a better sharing of parental duties, it can be easier to accomplish than you imagine!