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5 Expert Tips for Lighting Your Apartment

When planning the lighting scheme for an apartment there are a number of things to take into consideration and decide upon. For instance, you will have to consider if you want wall lights or ceiling lights, and if you have a small room, you may want the lighting to make the room look bigger. If looking at standing lamps and dimmer switches, you will need to consider where is the best place for the outlets and switches. As lighting can really change the atmosphere of any room, getting it right can help to brighten up even the dullest space.

Using clever lights which make the most of the space you have available is another way to make a cramped, small apartment appear much larger, and to enhance any size room immediately, so here are five expert tips for lighting your apartment.

1. Go for a dramatic ceiling light

If you have a small space, similar to these studio apartments, adding a dramatic central ceiling light can help to make the room seem bigger as well as flooding the whole space with light. You will need to have other light sources as well but a central dramatic feature will draw the eye upwards. 

Combining the ceiling light with matching or complimentary other lighting features will ensure even the smallest apartment living room becomes a talking point for all the right reasons, and appears much more spacious.

2. Choose your shades and bulbs carefully

For us friends from Suchandsuch.com, it’s not just about choosing the right light fittings, but also consider the accessories that go with them such as the lampshades and light bulbs that you choose. Different shape and colour lamp shades will impact the amount of light that enters your room. 

If you choose a light lampshade it will let more light into the room, or go for a glass or wire-based shade to allow all the light to come through. You also need to think about the type of bulbs as you don’t want harsh lighting or your apartment will start to feel like a dentist waiting room. 

Try going for bulbs which give out a yellow, soft light, rather than a harsher blue tinge. Try going for incandescent bulbs for a warmer light, this is particularly important in the bedroom as the type of light you have can impact on your sleep quality. 

3. Practical lighting features

It’s important to think about the practical lighting you need to have in your apartment, as well as overall lighting. So you need to look at rooms where lighting is required for particular reasons, for example, in the bathroom to light up the mirror, or easy to access at night. 

Other areas include areas in the main living room where you might like to sit and read for example and require a reading light, or if you have a study area in one corner of the room. So make sure these lighting needs are taken into account as well when planning a lighting scheme. 

The kitchen is another area where practical lighting comes into play in apartments as under cabinet lights can provide great options to brighten the room and make it easier to light up the work surfaces without taking up any valuable space.

4. Make best use of your space

With an apartment space is often not at a premium but the good news is there are plenty of tricks you can do to give the illusion of a bigger room and more space. For example, using mirrors cleverly can make a room look much bigger. 

For example, putting a mirror opposite a window will make the light bounce around the room, enhancing the light impact within that particular space. Other tricks include using vertical floor lighting rather than using up precious wall and ceiling space. 

A floor light can provide plenty of light but it doesn’t need a whole lot of space and they are perfect for lighting up dark corners, providing bright illumination in dark areas of the apartment without taking up room on a table or work area.

5. Try dimmer switches

Another way to control lighting in your apartment and to make it more flexible and adaptable is to use dimmer switches as you can then change your lighting requirements to suit your mood and create the atmosphere that you want. 

If you have lights with three-way bulbs this can also help to provide a more flexible approach to lighting and going for different colours and styles will provide even more versatility, making sure your apartment is brightly lit when you want it to be, but cosy and atmospheric when required. 

Having a small and perhaps dark apartment with limited natural light needn’t be a problem as clever lighting tricks can make any space appear larger, brighter and more open than the reality might suggest. Using the space effectively and adding mirrors can help rooms appear larger. 

Ceiling fixtures, making use of wall lights to save space and having light and open lampshades can pave the way for an apartment filled with seemingly natural light and a welcoming and open atmosphere. Choose your light fittings and accessories wisely.