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Dealing With Your Screaming Baby – You’re Not Alone!

You may not be aware of this but September is Colic awareness month. Infacol were the inspiration behind this and their aim was to help parents and careers swap stories of how they soothed their crying babies.

It’s not easy being a new parent, especially if something such as colic makes an appearance so it’s really important to talk and learn from others on how to deal with the constant crying!

If you’re not sure what colic is, NHS Choices describes it as excessive frequent crying in a baby who otherwise seems healthy. It usually affects 1 in 5 babies and tends to start when a baby is a few weeks old. It usually lasts until around 4 months but can carry on up to 6 months sometimes.

There is no particular agreement on what causes colic and it can be difficult to diagnose. What I do know is that any baby crying for hours on end can have a huge impact emotionally on parents so what Infacol are doing is absolutely brilliant!

This year, they’ve teamed up with lots of bloggers such as myself, to spread the message and get more parents, carers to speak up and share their stories or tips on the subject of colic or babies crying in general. We’ve been really lucky with our three kids because we’ve never had to experience colic but I do know what it’s like when a baby is non-stop crying, it can be such an emotional drain!

I’m going to talk about a few things that me and my wife used to do when our kids wouldn’t stop crying. We often found it was all about sharing the childcare between you both so you could take a much needed break!

Share The Duties Out

The main thing that really helped me and my wife deal with excessive crying is quite simple really – share out the childcare between you and your partner or sometimes other relatives.

Three was quite often times when our first daughter would cry and cry and cry …… we didn’t know what to do at first! Sometimes, no matter what we tired it wasn’t good enough and the crying would continue. When this happened, me and my wife would tag team it, I would look after her for half an hour (sometimes less) and then my wife would take over and look after her for about the same time.

This gave us both chance to take a break from the crying and grab 10-15 minutes of quiet time to de-stress and relax. We found this was really effective and allowed us to keep going!

When I was at work, my wife would sometimes call upon family relatives to help out. If you’re family is close by then I’m sure they wouldn’t mind helping out while you got half an hour shut eye to recover a little!


One thing that lots of parents find helpful is swaddling. Me and my wife benefitted from this technique massively when our kids wouldn’t stop crying!

This is when you snuggly wrap your baby in a thin sheet or blanket to make them feel safe and secure. Experts think that swaddling recreates the feeling of being in the womb for a baby which helps calm and soothe them.

If you do try swaddling, you need to make sure your baby has enough room to move their legs because if they are wrapped up too tightly, this can lead to problems later down the line. There are plenty of videos online that shows how to swaddle your baby safely so I recommend checking those out if your a bit cautious of this technique.

White Noise

Another thing that helped out when our kids were crying was white noise. They loved the sound of our hoover in particular!

We found that turning on the hoover would instantly soothe and calm our children. There is a rather simple explanation behind why this works.

Babies tend to cycle in and out of deep sleep every 20 minutes or so and are awoken easily during these periods of light sleep. Noises such as doorbells and older siblings can be the main reason why a baby is woken and white noise will drown these other noises out. Even if a baby begins to stir naturally, the calming drone of a hoover for example provides comfort, encouraging them back to sleep!

I’ve heard of lots of weird things parent use when trying to get their little ones calmed down, so it’s worth a shot if you’re struggling to calm your baby down.


We’ve never had to use this product before but lots of parents swear by Infacol. It’s a colic remedy that aims to soothe trapped wind, colic and griping pain. It can be purchased over the counter at various shops.

The main ingredient in Infacol is an anti-foaming agent called simeticone, which helps to break down gas bubbles. I’m a recent study, 93% of respondents revealed that using simeticone improved or resolved their babies colic!

As I mentioned at the top of the post, I’ve teamed up with Infacol to raise more awareness of colic and the emotional impacts it can have on parents.

As part of this I am running a giveaway for new parents to win a ‘Bubbly Bundle’, including an Izzie the Elephant cuddly toy, a sleep suit, a muslin cloth and some Infacol, in the hope that it will go towards making those first six months a little easier!

You can enter the competition below, good luck! ?

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