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Retrofitting Your Home With LED Lighting

The term retrofitting essentially means upgrading something old to something newer and more efficient. In the case of retrofitting LED lights, this means swapping out old bulbs for LED bulbs and installing LED lighting retrofits to outdated or incompatible fixtures.

LED lights will give you a brighter room while using less energy and cutting down on costs. And if your fixtures are incompatible with LED bulbs, you can purchase LED retrofits instead of installing new light fixtures.

You’ll even cut down on maintenance costs. LED lights last longer and need less maintenance than other options. However, if you need to replace dimming lights, you will need to replace the entire fixture to take advantage of LED dimming options.

What Are Some Retrofitting LED Benefits?

Retrofitting is almost always a better option than installing new fixtures. From a cost perspective, you’ll save on energy costs and maintenance costs, even if you have to install minor upgrades.

The money you save on energy costs will more than cover your upgrading costs, and you might even be able to take advantage of rebates that are available.

They’re also very easy to install. Most of the time, you should just be able to screw in your new bulbs and be good to go. If minor upgrades are needed, retrofit kits are only slightly more difficult than screwing in a lightbulb.

And there are so many LED lighting retrofits available. Your only limitation is the lumen strength of your existing fixtures. If you decide you’d like more lumen strength than what your existing fixtures offer, then you’ll need to install new LED fixtures, which costs more and requires an electrician.

However, if your old lighting fixtures are at the end of their lives and need to be replaced, LED retrofitting won’t do you any good. The fixtures themselves still need to be in working order for retrofitting to be of any benefit.

What If The Bulb I Got Doesn’t Fit? LED Retrofit Kits

Most homes will have light fixtures that allow for an LED bulb to be screwed in as a replacement. However, there are some lighting types that need a slight upgrade: a retrofit kit. 

Usually, this kit is just an attachment to the bulb that allows it to work with the incompatible fixture. This is commonly needed in office buildings, schools, and other large buildings that have lights on a grid. 

LED lighting is more efficient than most bulbs in these places, so an adapter becomes necessary. There are kits available for most lighting types. Take time to shop around and find out which ones have the best reputation and fit your needs.

How Much Money Can I Save with LED Lighting?

You’ll end up saving about $3-$5 per LED bulb per year. This might not sound like a lot but think of all the bulbs in your house.

If you have 20 light bulbs in your house, you’ll save £50 – £80 pounds per year. For businesses and other large buildings with a lot of lights, the cost savings can be significant.

There are calculators that you can use that do the exact math based on kilowatts per hour and how many hours you have the light on in a year; £4 – £7 per LED bulb per year is just an average to give you an idea.

One area that you can save a lot of money is on any outdoor spotlights you have. Dengarden found that switching from a halogen spotlight to an LED spotlight can save you £9.00 per bulb per year if they run for three hours per day. 

That’s more than the highest average. It might be a good idea to start outside when looking for LED retrofitting for homes.

It’s Not All Business. Add Some Style!

LED retrofitting doesn’t have to be all about efficiency. If you have display cases for alcohol, books, souvenirs, or collectibles, LED tape light is a fun and inexpensive way to light up your treasures.

These lights are typically used in kitchens and restaurants to highlight specific things, but they work just as well to highlight your prized possessions while taking up very little space.

They also come as strip lights if you need to light up a dark staircase at night. Never worry about falling down the stairs in the middle of the night again. These lights will give you the vision you need to make each step safe.

You can even get them in fun, neon colors that are great for under a bar, by a pool, or along walkways. They’ll add something exciting when you have guests.

Whether you’re upgrading for the environment, for your wallet, or (let’s face it) to jump on the bandwagon, LED retrofitting is a great idea. Lighting technology will continue to evolve, and LED lights are the newest product in that evolution.

Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.