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Why Businesses Should Use a Multifunction Printer

In every office there are several things the managers should be considering, aside from the obvious. One is employee efficiency and another is energy efficiency. Both will save the company money, whilst also contributing to saving the planet. A multifunction printer is the perfect investment, as it addresses both of these issues.

Multifunction printers (MFPs) essentially combine a printer, photocopier and scanner into one device. Can you think of anything more convenient for an office space? Some machines can even be used for emailing or faxing. You can choose from a range of MFPs, all of which are designed to reduce your carbon footprint and lease costs, meaning they’re better for the environment and for limiting the business’ outgoings. 

There are lots of benefits to having a multifunction printer in your office and their popularity can be attributed to their affordability, efficiency and practicality. Being able to print, copy and scan all in one place will save your colleagues time, which will lead to increased productivity. The machines typically operate faster, as well. What’s more, having everything in the form of one device will save space, which you can use for an additional desk or something else. Also, don’t forget to always have some spare cash for toner cartridges!

Most MFPs will allow staff members to connect their smartphone or laptop wirelessly, so that they can print from anywhere in the building, or even when they are working remotely. Alternatively, documents that are scanned can also be instantly sent to the devices. This level of connectivity is an important aspect of a modern business.