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5 Tips For Creating A Gender-Neutral Kids’ Bedroom

Whether you have a set of siblings sharing a bedroom, or a child who just prefers gender-neutral themes, or you want to avoid stereotypes, there are plenty of ways to decorate a bedroom that any little boy or girl would love. 

Here are our top tips for a gender-neutral bedroom for kids.

1. The Colour Palette

Blue or pink nurseries are certainly traditional, and yellow and green are common when parents don’t want to know the sex of their baby. But go a little further and you’ll find a big wide world of exciting colours out there, like a dark green, brown and grey palette. Not only is it fun and stimulating for little ones, it still works when the baby becomes a toddler, and older.

If you’re not too sure, white with gold accents can work really well for a gender-neutral bedroom. It gives the room a fresh identity and adds a little luxurious vibe, too. There are antique furniture dealers online where you can find neutral pieces for the room.

2. Adding Character

To add character to the room, consider wall decals. From corny quotes and the alphabet to cute drawings and animals, it’s quick and easy to add an extra identity to the room’s decor. You can also adapt the decor around your little one’s personality.

3. Plan for the Future

When it comes to decorating your little one’s bedroom, try to think ahead. Your child isn’t going to be a toddler or pre-schooler forever. One of the nice things about a gender-neutral bedroom is that it grows pretty easily with your child. You can match neutral furniture like a loft bed with colourful and fun children’s bedding when your child is younger, and then add a grown-up flair with mature bedding and decor as they get older.

If you’re feeling creative, a house-shaped bed is a great idea. You can hang a few fairy lights around the edges and place a soft, cloudy rug underneath it.  It’s like giving your little one their very own house.

4. The Furniture

If you are aiming for a gender-neutral kids’ bedroom, be on the lookout for gender-neutral furniture. You’ll do best with black, white and natural wood tones. You can then match the simple, neutral furniture with plenty of bold patterns and a few pops of colour. This is the perfect way to design a bedroom that grows with your child.

5. Add A Few Pops Of Colour

Every little boy and girl’s bedroom deserves a touch of fun that shows off their personality, and that goes for gender-neutral bedrooms, too. Just about every little child and even a few older ones enjoy colouring and painting. So, add a few pops of colour to the decor with colour-changing lamps, vibrant rugs and scatter cushions. These are all things you can change easily as your child grows up.

Creating a gender-neutral children’s bedroom doesn’t have to be boring. With the right colour palette and furniture, you can achieve the perfect look.