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Helping Your Child Transition into Secondary School

When children move from primary to secondary school, anxiety levels rise for both the kids and their parents. It’s a daunting time for everyone involved, but here’s some advice from an independent prep school in Surrey to help you get through it.

It’s still early enough in the term for you to talk to your child about any concerns they might have about their new school and this new chapter in their life. Offer them your support and try and build up their confidence by exploring all of the positive aspects of the new school and all of the exciting things that are to come over the next few years, rather than focussing on all of the scary things. Address anything that might be worrying your son or daughter, and contact the school if you have any serious concerns so that things can be resolved as soon as possible. Remind your child to never be afraid to ask for help or talk to someone they trust if something is bothering them.

Encourage your child to be organised and independent so that they feel more composed at school when they have to do things on their own. You can do this by ensuring that they pack their own bags and pencil case each evening and even show them how to make their own packed lunch if they have one. Small tasks like these each day lead to big changes. 

Try and use positive language when talking about school, even if you hated the experience yourself. Children easily pick up on the things their parents do and say; their opinions, their body language and their overall behaviour. With that in mind, only share your fond memories of secondary school with your child and always express a keenness to learn. After all, you don’t want to frighten your child into thinking that secondary school is filled with mean teachers, bullies and impossible exams.

If you need any help when it comes to your child’s transition into “big school”, don’t hesitate to contact the teachers for some additional support.