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5 Awesome Gadgets Every Homeowner Should Have in 2019

Who doesn’t love a good gadget? There are some things that you never knew you needed, until you get them and they change your life just by making that one little thing easier. Some of these gadgets that we are going to look at have the potential to do just that.

1. Tile Key Fob

If you have ever had to run around your house looking for your keys. Or your phone, or whatever else you can add to the long list of things you need to find and can’t at the last minute, then this is definitely something you need.

Attach this little tracker to something and you can use Bluetooth technology to pinpoint it. It cuts out a lot of time that you might waste, and reduces frustration inestimably.

2. Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden

You want your house to be a pleasant environment, and like most people, you are probably trying to eat a little bit healthier. A herb garden will check both those boxes. It is nice having plants in the house, but ones that are also aromatic add an extra dimension to that.

Any homeowner that loves cooking is going to love this. It takes little maintenance, and waters and provides light for the herbs every day. It’s a great and inexpensive addition to your home.

3. Dyson AM09 Fan Heater

Even with AC in your home, you can sometimes end up being sat in the one place that doesn’t seem to get the right airflow when it’s warm and doesn’t get the right heat when it is cold. This great fan heater from Dyson fixes that for you.

As with everything from Dyson, as well as being functional, the fan is also great to look at and will sit there in the room, and look fantastic while doing its job.

4. Petnet SmartFeeder

If you’re out for the day, or you know that you are going to be late, not having your pets fed on time can be a little stressful. That stress isn’t just for you, your animals can also get distressed. Cats and dogs are both creatures of habit, and if they can go to a machine that drops their food at the exact right time every day that is going to make their lives and your life easier.

5. Tool Kits

One thing you are definitely going to need in your house is a tool kit. Technically this is a whole bunch of gadgets, but you are going to find it invaluable. Does it have a sink wrench? Maybe, or maybe not, but when you have bought the standard toolkit, that is another piece of equipment that you are going to want to own. Learning how to do some home repairs and having the tools to do it is going to save a lot of money.


Being a homeowner is great, and making those few things that cause you issues disappear makes it even better. That is what these great gadgets do. They save you time and they give you peace of mind and more control over your environment. Some small things really do make a difference.