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Gift Ideas For The Movie Buff In Your Life

Do you have a movie buff in your life? Be it a family member, friend, or film-obsessed work colleague; we have some gift ideas here that will help you once their birthday (or Christmas) comes around.

So, dim the lights, dig out the popcorn, settle down on your sofa, and have a look at our top movie gift picks.

#1: A streaming device

For any movie buff without a smart TV, streaming devices are the best way to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, and upcoming services such as Disney +. 

There are quite a few on the market, including the Roku Express, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Now TV stick (or box), and they all do pretty much the same thing – just stick them into an HDMI port on the back of your television – and you can pick and choose from the various streaming channels available. We also recommend the Chromecast, as this is a simple device that lets the user stream content onto their TV from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Check out these Chromecast offers for some discounted prices. 

Whichever you choose, the movie buff in your life will be spoiled for choice when it comes to content, and considering Netflix and Now TV have recently raised their prices (boo), you might throw in a 6-month subscription too.

#2: Movie bling

For any movie buff who likes to show off their movie obsession, why not give them something to wear. While you could go down the t-shirt/boxer shorts route, why not give them something a little out of the ordinary with a piece of jewellery, be it a golden Wonder Woman pendant necklace or a Hobbit-inspired Elven Leaf Bangle. For these and more, check out the surprisingly affordable collection at Polkadot.com and buy something that relates to your movie buff’s favourite movie. Not only are they great birthday and Christmas gift ideas, but if it’s your partner who loves all things Hollywood, then a piece of jewellery would make for an excellent wedding anniversary gift too!

#3: Something to read

There are loads of movie books available, so you are spoiled for choice when shopping on or offline. However, we recommend 1001 Movies To See Before You Die, a treasure trove of cinema that spans over a century in movies. Chances are, the person you are buying for will have seen many of the movies listed in the book already (if they truly are a movie buff), although there might be the occasional title that they haven’t even heard of. A true movie buff will make every effort to see all of the greatest films ever made, and with this book, they will have a handy guide to allow them to do so. Just don’t be surprised if you don’t see much of them for the next 5-10 years, however, as they will have a lot to get through. 

Check out Den of Geek’s movie book picks for some other notable film-related tomes. 

We hope these ideas were useful to you, but let us know if you have any movie-related gift ideas of your own.

Thanks for reading!