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8 Ways to Protect your Home with HSBC

Did you know that every year, there are over 1 million burglaries and attempted burglaries in the UK and a burglary happens every 40 seconds! This is why it’s so important to ensure that your home is well protected against this type of threat.

This isn’t the only threat though as many homes are damaged in different ways such as burst pipes or pest infestation. For these reasons, it is crucial to ensure that you have invested in home insurance.

HSBC have created a new infographic which provides homeowners with 8 ways in which they can keep their home safe. Tips include the following:

  • Be Alarmed – Ensure you have a good alarm and motion sensor system in place. There are some high-quality systems that won’t cost you the earth.
  • Get a Ladder – Blocked gutters can cause damp problems so make sure you or someone checks on a regular basis. Ensure the ladders are locked away though after use to prevent intruders from using them!
  • Install a Cage – Placing a cage over the letter box will prevent people from fishing for key or hooking something to open a lock from inside.

See their infographic below for the other helpful tips on how you can keep your house safe!

Note: click on the image to view the PDF in more detail.

If you are in need of insurance then head over to the HSBC website to learn more.