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The 7 Best Party Cities in the World

In today’s world, when everyone is working hard to earn a living, it becomes imperative to take a vacation and party hard. It relieves yourself from the stress. The feeling of dancing on a rooftop bar, a beach party, or a club is thrilling. Adventure kicks in when you have a couple of shots, put on your glittery clothes and dance with some exotic people. Cities that never sleep are the perfect party cities in the world. Check out these seven cities where you can be a party animal until you drop.

1. Ibiza, Spain

Located in the Mediterranean, this Balearic Island is famous for its cultural liveliness and ambiance. You will find many beaches and clubs. There are countless party places for every type of music lover to groove to. Their clubs hosts the best DJs throughout the year. When traveling to this exotic destination, scratch-off Spain from your personal world scratch-off map which can be found here. Ibiza is also known as the clubbing capital of the world where you will get the best alcohol, great music, and fantastic beaches for the perfect party. The best time to party in Ibiza is the summer times when you can party on the beaches.

2. Miami, USA

Miami, known for its amazing nightlife, lively beaches and is a must-visited place for all party-lovers. Other than the nightlife, Miami has the best bars with late-night eateries, cocktails and LGBT hot spots. The city comes alive after the sun sets, the thumping tunes play, and the clubs open their menu of drinks flowing endlessly. When in Miami turn nocturnal as some nightclubs don’t start until midnight. To make your night even merrier be a good observer as you can easily spot a celebrity in the same club as you are partying. So, dress up in your best outfits and let the booze keep coming in.

3.  Munich, Germany

Party paradise from basement clubs to beer gardens to raunchy cabaret, Munich is a glamorous and chic place. Talking about Munich would be incomplete without mentioning the world-famous Oktoberfest. It is a two-week festival that starts from the last week of September and goes through the first week of October, attracting more than six million people annually. It is the world’s largest beer festival, and you get to enjoy beers from all over the world, traditional foods, side stalls, games, and amusement rides. This place is especially famous for electric music and metal lovers. Munich is also renowned for its nightlife with an array of stellar clubs that serve all kinds of cocktails and beer along with an ambiance of hip hop, rock, and techno music. Most of these clubs comprise of modern dance floors equipped with hi-tech video projectors under £500.

4. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas offers plenty of opportunities to party. It is famous for its nightlife, shows, and games. Relieve your stress by going to the fantastic bars, casinos, and night club. Plan your trip by exploring various casinos every day and night. The DJs and Strippers of the night clubs in Las Vegas are well known. Walk under the world’s most massive video screen covering Fermont Street to see the historic hotel and casinos in the area. If you are a gaming fan, then visit the escape room with your family and friends. Many people plan their bachelorette parties here. When you pack for a trip here, remember to pack your bathing suits too as they host the best daytime pool parties. 

5. Rio De Janerio, Brazil

The party city of Brazil, Rio, is famous for its Carnival that is observed since 1973 and attracts more that one million visitors every year. Visiting this city is a once in a lifetime experience. December to March is the best time to visit Rio when the weather is bright and cozy to spend time on the beaches. Even if you visit here in the off-season, the music and party culture will get you charged up. Rio is also known for its friendly atmosphere towards the LGBTQ community and has many gay bars and clubs. It is also famous for its masquerade parties, which has music, beer, and beach parades. This is the hottest party hosted there, which starts at 10 PM and goes till 5 AM. A visit to this party and a glimpse of their culture is definitely going to leave you mesmerized.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is famous for its red-light district, bikes, canals, and certain plant-life that can get you high. It has an electric mix of nightlife, club, and music that can altogether leave you refreshed. The clubs here host the world’s best, diverse, and upcoming DJs. Their dance bars and pubs remain open till the morning. You can quickly get access to drugs in Amsterdam. The atmosphere is entirely chilled-out and offers a variety of choices to dwell in other than clubs like museums and coffee shops. The coffee shops are cute and an excellent spot to kickstart the day after your hangover.

7. Bangkok, Thailand

Touted as the most affordable and happening party destination of Asia, Bangkok gives you a plethora of nightlife experiences like shopping, drinking, and street binging. Take a stroll in the Royal city avenue to enjoy the topmost clubs of Bangkok which will greet you with neon lights and barely dressed party-people. However, make sure to keep your wallets safe as most of the waitresses are notorious for coercing customers into buying lavish drinks and you might end up with a huge bill. Most clubs have an entry fee of 500 Baht and offer international DJs and a mix of Thai and EDM music. If you want to party like the locals, then head for the Khao San Road which is a bustling market area with a variety of local street bars. This place is exceptionally budget-friendly with many tattoo shops, backpackers, students, and surrounded by Thai Pop music and dance all around.


So, party all night in any of these cities mentioned above but be careful not to lose your mobile phones, wallets and do not drink excessively. Try to visit these cities with a plus one so that you have someone to take you back to the hotel if you are too hungover.