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The Construction Industry

The construction industry is a branch of commercial enterprise. The constructions industry is an important sector in the national economy with diversified roles including building industries, construction of roads & bridges, building of dams, repair of building and structure etc.

The existence of a full-service construction company contributes a whole lot to the development of a country with their consistent hard work, building and repairing necessary monumental structures and buildings. Some of the contributions include;

  • Economic growth: The construction industry contributes greatly to the economy. This sector is run with huge nvestments and the government shows huge interest in it. Government give out contract to construction company to develop infrastructures such as health, educational, transport sectors.
  • Tourist Attractions: attractive structures built by construction industries attracts tourist to country added to the internal revenue of the country. They also attract inwards investors for business deals, A good example is the Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world, the building as attracted tourist to the UAE and today the UAE has one the fastest growing economies.
  • Conducive Environment: Well-constructed structures, like roads, bridges and loads more, creates a good environment for people to live in and go about their daily activities


Industrial construction

Industrial construction is the biggest sector in the construction industry, taking 9% of gross domestic product (GDP) and can go on for a long period of time. Industrial construction involves designing, installing and maintaining gigantic structures including skyscrapers, power plants refinery, oil rigs. Industrial construction involves many people, including architects and designers, engineers and contractors, and product manufacturers like Dyson Corp; all working together to complete the project. 

Industrial constructions require professional with high level of expertise including civil engineers, architects, mechanical designers, quantity surveyors and construction workers with advanced technologies like best laser welding systems, tower cranes, aerial lifts, excavators. Learn more about the careers path to work in the construction industry.

Access mats (best access mats for sale) are also important in industrial constructions in a swampy area, for stabilizing the ground for move crew and machinery.

Commercial Construction

Commercial construction involves commercial contractors overseeing and managing the entire construction of buildings to be sold or leased out privately. They involve the construction of office space, medical facilities, retail stores, etc. Commercial construction on a small scale otherwise known as light commercial construction can involve rebranding an old building to give it a whole new look and maybe upgrading the technologies.

Furthermore, commercial construction on a medium scale involve renovating an old building to give it a better structure and wider space. Additionally, large scale commercial construction is taking up a large project from ground up with no previous structure. They can include construction of dams, skyscrapers, storage warehouses. Experts like Calhoun Super Structure take up this kind of constructions like this, as they requires  a  high level of expertise.

Environmental Construction

Environmental construction is a sector in the construction industry that is aimed at making the world a cleaner and more conducive place to live. Environmental contractors  have wider knowledge about constructing sustainable buildings, green construction, and clearing pieces of lands that are  unsuitable for constructions.  Environmental contractors like https://www.bciworldwide.com/

  • Handle building constructions from planning to assessment
  • Recycle industrial by product, waste material on construction sites including field and earthwork structures, dredge work, base structures etc.
  • Constructions new infrastructures like roads.
  • Heavy civil engineering construction

High civil engineering construction deals with constructions of large government and city projects including construction of sewers, bridges, roads, dams etc. Heavy civil construction are not performed on pre-existing buildings, instead, they involve taking taking up new projects, adding to exsting project and maintenance and repair. If you are interested in the construction of roads, check out this article.