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Importance of having a companion

A lot of people enjoy solitude and decide to stay alone, and yes, we can’t take away the benefits of living alone. Of course, when you live alone you have privacy, you have your independence, your space and those other benefits. However, the importance of having a companion cannot be over emphasized. Companionship cuts across all ages, however it is mostly needed by older people. This is because some of them have lost of their partners or have their family far away and do not have anyone to interact with, most especially after retirement.

Companionship is creating bonds with people and having this feeling of friendship or fellowship. A companion is someone that completes you, helps you, listens to you, understands you and is always there for you. Here, we will be discussing the benefits of having a companion

Lower Rate of Depression and Anxiety

It no news that depression rate has increased through the past few years and most time these victims do not have someone to share their grieves and they end seeing no reason to live. When have most of your time to you yourself, you have enough time to think about how unfair life is and that is why you need a companion. When you have someone, you can trust them with your problems. 

Stimulates Positive thoughts and interactions

Companionship stimulates happiness and happiness stimulates positive thoughts. The works of the mind is very cunning. The easiest way to come up with negative thoughts is being alone for a long time. This is especially when such person is bored and has nothing interesting going on, the mind begins to travel far and wide. Furthermore, the person is able to think of the possibilities of what he has watch in horror or sci-fi movies actually becoming reality and begin to really hallucinate.

Sense of responsibility

Having to comeback home every day knowing that has someone is there anticipating your arrival makes you want act responsibly. A lot of people lose their morals and values because they are not accountable to anyone and no one can get hurt from their inactions. But if you have someone you are responsible for you want to create values yourself and watch your behavioral pattern.

Avoid Social Isolation

People without companionship tends to get used to being alone all the time, and they sometimes get irritated when they find themselves in the midst of people. A lot of times, they are unable to interact with people in social gatherings and prefer to interact with their cell phone throughout. Companionship simulates your relationship and interactions with people. Furthermore, when have someone you interact with a lot, you are not lost of words when you need to stir up a conversion with someone 

Reduce possibilities of Amnesia

This is mostly peculiar to old people. Older tends to lose their memories when they have been in isolation for a long. Studies have proved that when have someone to interact with, their mind is engaged and he possibilities of losing their memories become very slim. This is why there are companion services to that help to that effect.