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A Guide to Making Your Home More Family-Friendly

You want your home to be as welcoming and cosy as possible, especially where your family is concerned. However, having children also comes with the need to make your home a safe and durable place for your kids to grow. This means sometimes having to compromise on design features you would usually love, or else having to forego certain ideas altogether. 

Here are some handy hints to help you on your way to a more family-friendly home.

Consider Appropriate Flooring 

Your flooring is going to take a huge hit when it comes to a growing family, whether it’s tiny feet constantly stomping around, or else your floor becoming the go-to place for family time and game-playing. Your flooring, therefore, needs to be hardy and durable. 

If you’re considering installing new flooring before introducing a new family member, perhaps budget-friendly options are preferable, such as cheap carpet simply to offer something comfortable and affordable until you can switch to an expensive option when your child is fully grown.

However, despite your best efforts, accidents will still happen, and it’s important to attend to any flooring mishaps as soon as they occur, to get your floor looking new again. If you have carpet, ensure you mop up any spillages as soon as possible to prevent any staining, and if needed, seek professional help such as carpet burn Tamworth specialists

Utilise Your Outside Area

You’re more likely to use your outside space with a growing family, and it’s also important to offer a safe space for your children to gain some fresh air and play outside. You don’t have to have a vast garden to achieve this; even if you only have a small yard, you can transform it into a family-friendly space by ensuring that there is comfortable outdoor furniture and that is safely sealed off so that your children have the freedom to playwithout roaming too far. 

You could also introduce potted plants or flower beds in order to teach your children a few gardening skills. This also provides a fun family activity you can do together.

Open Up Your Space

Open plan living is perfect for growing families, especially where the kitchen is concerned. By opening up your space and provided one main living area, you can ensure that your kids can be involved in all aspects of your lifestyle, and enables you to still spend time with them during tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Having an open dining and kitchen area in particular means you can take full advantage of family mealtimes while encouraging your children to get involved, instead of them being shut off in a different room while you make dinner.

Consider Family Furniture

You may need to re-consider your furniture if you only have a two-seater sofa and usually spend your time eating meals in frontof the television. While this may have worked as a couple, choosing more family-friendly pieces can be a huge boon. This could include a corner or rounded sofa, which the family can spend time on together, or a dining table perfect for mealtimes and bonding time with your children.